Garmin GTR 225 VHF COM Radio For Certified Aircraft

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Part# 11-11345
MFR Model# 010-02483-50


Important Notes:
  • Includes Rack, Connector Kit, Back plate
VHF COM radios from Garmin, the GTR series. As the new-install replacement product for the popular SL40 model, the GTR series COM transceivers include a breadth of new features to reduce pilot workload.

These products have truly reinvented the stand-alone aviation COM radio with novel features like reverse database look-up and the COM monitor function, which bring new efficiency to cockpit radio management. Beyond that, these products demonstrate Garmin’s commitment to aviators worldwide, providing the solutions they need to meet the latest regulatory requirements in their regions, such as the recent SES mandate.

The GTR 225 includes 10 watts of transmit power and 25 kHz frequency spacing.

All products in the series have received the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization.

For the European 8.33 spacing version, order the Garmin GTR 225A or 225B.

Worldwide Comm Database
Enter the airport identifier to find the frequency (or frequencies) associated with that location. Uses GPS input (from compatible systems, sold separately) to determine locations for each of the 25 nearest airports, Flight Service Stations, ATC facilities, WX stations, etc.

The series offers a variety of original features never seen before in a stand-alone COM radio. A unique frequency database makes it easy to find all the frequencies associated with a given airport or facility just by entering the location name or station ID. And when manually tuning a frequency, the reverse lookup function will automatically provide the navaid and/or airport identifier. Pilots can also find the nearest airport, area control center, flight service station, weather frequencies and VORs. All models also include a COM monitor function, which provides the utility of two receivers in one, allowing the pilot to listen to transmissions like ATIS without leaving the active ATC frequency, as one example.

The GTR and GNC series automatically store the 20 most recently called frequencies. Plus, the radios allow for storage of up to 15 favorite frequencies such as the pilot’s home airport or other frequently visited destinations. A familiar flip-flop feature allows channels to be entered in a standby window, and then activated with a press of a button. All models also include a built-in, voice activated two-place intercom making it a great solution for a two seat aircraft without an audio panel. A built-in timer can assist with approaches, holds and other assigned maneuvers.


  • Flight Service Stations, ATC facilities, WX stations, etc.
  • Active and standby flip-flop frequencies
  • One-touch 121.5 emergency channel tuning
  • Comm frequency monitor function (listens to standby while monitoring the active)
  • Recall of frequency from database by facility name and type
  • Database reverse lookup of frequencies providing station ID andfrequency use (TWR, ATIS, etc.)
  • Volume control bar graph display
  • Alphanumeric display of frequency types (ATIS, GRND, TWR, etc.)
  • High-visibility alphanumeric LCD display
  • Transmit status indicator
  • Backlit keypad controls
  • Automatic and manual, pilot-selectable display intensity control
  • Built-in, two-place voice activated intercom
  • Frequency memory and recall
  • Stores/recalls 15 user defined frequencies
  • Stores/recalls previous 20 frequencies used
  • Squelch test function
  • Stuck mic time-out
  • 12 W audio amplifier


  • Communication channels: 760 with 25 kHz spacing; 2280 channels with 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Frequency range: 118.000 to 136.992 MHz (with 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Transmit power: 10 or 16 W (optional)
  • Input voltage range: 9 to 33 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +55 C
  • Certifications: TSO C169a (transmitting and receiving), TSO C128a (stuck mic)
  • Dimensions: 1.65”H x 6.25”W x 10.4”D (4.19 x 15.88 x 26.42 cm)
  • Weight: 2.30 lbs (1.04 kg) unit only; 3.06 lbs (1.38 kg) with mounting rack
  • Depth: 11.23 inches (28.52 cm) behind panel, including mounting rack and connectors

Unit Comparison

Unit Com Nav 8.33kHz Transmit Power
GTR 225 X 10W
GTR 225A X X 10W
GTR 225B X X 16W
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As described. Works great.

Aquila F Verified Purchase


December 17, 2023

The radio has not been installed yet. Contact me later for a rating.

William W Verified Purchase


May 2, 2023

Awesome com radio. Could not be happier with this purchase. It was the last piece to finish the restoration of my Decathlon.

Charles S Verified Purchase


March 17, 2023

Magaero L Verified Purchase


July 14, 2022

it works great.

Eric L
February 14, 2021

Good job as usual. No problems.

Vojtech V
November 2, 2020

Nice upgrade coming from Narco Mark 12D. I added a PS 5000 for the intercom and music inputs. I dont use a Garmin GPS, so many of the features for local frequency tuning cant be used which is okay. One thing I need is a s/w update. The version shipped with the radio does not support sidetone volume adjustment. I understand I need version 2.20 comm s/w. I have 2.14.

Brad L
February 27, 2017

Lots of features for the price. One free frequency install. You can spell in the airport ID KDFW and it will show all the freq with their name the select it and move it from standby to active. Unfortunately if you want to go from ground to tower, you have to re enter the airport ID again to get it.

Buddy C
November 3, 2014

Correction: The RS 232 ground connection is pin 31

Russell K
July 11, 2013

The radio is what you would expect from Garmin. The supplied harness was ok but the RS232 ground pin 34 was not included. It's an easy fix but necessary if you want to use the GPS data feature.

Russell K
July 10, 2013


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Q: Does the GTR 225 come with a rack? Does it come with the antanna? What antanna is used?

Yes, the GTR 225 comes with a rack and a connector kit in which we wire a harness. It does not come with an antenna as you can select the type of com antenna you want for your aircraft (top or bottom mount).

Q: What is the difference between GTR 225 and GTR 225A/225B?

The difference is the wattage output as the A model is 10W and the B model is 16W. The A & B model have 8.33 channel spacing where the straight 225 is 25 channel spacing.

Q: For the Garmin GTR and GNC Comms, could I simply change the radio in my panel without change the mounting rack for an SL 30 or SL 40?

The Garmin GTR and GNC Comm have different rack dimensions and are not slide-in replacements for the SL 30 or SL 40s.

Q: Can the the Garmin VHF Com Radio GTR 225 interface with Garmin 496?

The Garmin 496 can connect to the GTR 225 with the Garmin Power Data Cable part number: 11-02694.

Q: How is the volume and squelch controlled on the Garmin VHF Com Radio GTR 225?

Both would be accomplished by pressing MENU, using the large knob to select then the appropriate field and using the small knob to adjust the volume.

Q: Is there a two place intercom integrated into the radio and harness?

Yes there is a 2 place intercom integrated with the harness and radio. You will need to order the option with the custom harness (part # 10-05721).

Q: Does the Garmin VHF Com Radio GTR 225 have a cooling fan in it?

Yes, the GTR 225 has a cooling fan intergrated into the chasis.

Q: Does the Garmin GTR225 have a remote flip-flop capability? This is one of the main reasons for an upgrade from the SL40.

Yes, it is pin 27 on the GTR 225 for the com flip-flop.

Q: Will the GTR 225 interface with the Aera 660?

The GTR 225 can interface with the Aera 660 for the comm drop feature

Q: Is the airport database US only on the Garmin GTR 225 or does it cover any airport worldwide?

The GTR 225 pulls from the database of the Aera 660 so it will be USA only unless you change the mapping database online after receiving it.