Garmin GTR 20 Remote Comm Radio For G3X Touch

Part# 11-12647
MFR Model# 010-01076-11


Going above and beyond the call of duty of a traditional Comm, the GTR 20 includes a 2-place stereo intercom that is ideal for 2-seat aircraft; no additional hardware is required to communicate with your passenger. Advanced auto squelch automatically senses the noise level in the cockpit and adjusts the mic squelch for effortless intercom use regardless of the cockpit noise level. G3X Touch interface alloes access to emergency frequency tuning, pilot audio isolation, saved frequencies list, music mute or push-to-talk. Plus, optional installed remote switches on the flight controls allow pilots to keep their hands on the controls while performing functions like swapping the active and standby frequencies.

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Standby Frequency
    With its standby frequency monitoring feature, the GTR 20 gives you the ability to listen to ATIS while monitoring ATC. Swapping your active and standby frequencies is done through the G3X Touch display or optionally installed switches on the controls. Even in single-radio aircraft, youll no longer have to worry about missing an ATC call or other critical transmission. 3D Audio capability separates the active and standby frequencies in your headset so its easier to differentiate between sources.
COM Transmitter Specifications
  • Microphone input: Two inputs, standard carbon or dynamic mic with integrated preamp. The GTR 200 provides a 150 Ω AC input impedance and supplies the microphone with an 11 V bias through 470 Ω +/- 5 percent
  • Modulation capability: 85 percent with 250 to 2500 mVRMS microphone input at 1000 Hz
  • Modulation: AM double sided emission designator, 6K00A3E (118-136.975 MHz)
  • Frequency range: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz, 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Frequency tolerance: +/-5 ppm from -20C to +55C
  • Output power: 10 W carrier minimum
  • Duty cycle: 20 percent
  • Carrier noise level: At least 35 dB (SNR)
  • Stuck mic time-out: 35 seconds time-out, reverts to receive
  • Demodulated audio distortion: Less than 25 percent distortion when the transmitter is at 85 percent modulation at 350 to 2500 Hz
COM Receiver Specifications
  • Frequency range: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz, 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Headset audio output: 60 mW minimum into a 150 Ω load
  • Audio response: Less than 6 dB of variation between 350 and 2500 Hz
  • Audio distortion: Less than 25 percent at rated output power
  • Sensitivity: SINAD greater than 6 dB when the RF level is -107 dBm with 30 percent modulation
  • Squelch: Automatic squelch with manual override


  • Best-in-class, all-in-1 radio and stereo intercom solution
  • Powerful 10 W Remote Comm displaying on the G3X Touch
  • Advanced standby monitoring, crystal clear stereo input and input for system alerts
  • Gain More than Just a Comm
  • Designed specifically for light sport (LSA) and experimental aircraft, the GTR 20 combines powerful Comm capabilities with advanced workload-reducing features formerly only found in high-end certified systems. Its remote design allows you to make the most of limited space in your panel while 10 W of transmit power helps ensure solid communications between you and ATC or other aircraft in your vicinity. The GTR 20 offers 25 kHz channel spacing and utilizes a standard density 37-pin connector for easy installation.
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Q: Does the Garmin GTR 20 comm radio without harness option come with the standard density 37-pin connector?

Yes, this will come with the connector.

Q: Is the GTR 20 just the remote version of the GTR 200? Is it SL30/SL40 compatible?

The GTR 20 is intended to be used only with the G3X system as a remote unit and is not compatible as a replacement for the SL30/SL40.

Q: Does this GTR 20 work with non-touch g3x system?

Per the installation manual, this will not work with non-touch G3X.

Q: Which type of antenna should be used with the Garmin GTR 20?

This would use a com antenna such as the CI 121 from Comant Part # 11-17921.

Q: Do you need two of these Garmin GTR 20s for two com radios?

Yes, you need two GTR 20's for two Comm radios.

Q: What are the exterior dimensions of the case? Width, length, height

The measurements of the unit are 1.28 inches tall | 8.80 inches in length | 6.12 inches in width

Q: I have a G3X with single COM. Will I need a second antenna to add this second COM?

Yes, this unit would require its own antenna.

Q: What is the value of the PMA version? Do I need that for my Certified Aircraft?

Yes, certified aircraft generally require FAA approved parts for installation.

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