Garmin GA 56 Low Profile TSO'd Non WAAS GPS

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Stud Mount Flange Mount
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Garmin stud / flange-mount version of the GA 56 low-profile antenna provides excellent reception for your panel-mount unit. TSO'd to C129 Class A-1. Comes with hardware. Antenna connection is female BNC out.

Compatible Devices:
Garmin GNC:
420, 250, 250XL, 300, 300XL TSO
Garmin GPS:
150, 150XL, 155/165 TSO, 155XL TSO, 165 TSO, 400, 500
Garmin GNS:
430, 530

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Q: I am looking to use this antenna with an small INS by VectorNav. Is it a standard amplified GPS antenna? I want to make sure because Garmin only lists Garmin products as compatible.

As the Garmin GA 56 is a Garmin Antenna, there is only supported information in regard to Garmin Units. There is no data on using this antenna with another manufacuters product.

Q: Will this Garmin GA 56 antenna work on a Garmin gtx320 transponder?

No, this antenna will not work for that transponder.

Q: will this antenna work on a G3X GDU460?

Yes, this antenna can be used for a G3X system.

Q: Will this GA 56 work with A G5 attitude indicator?

That antenna is not specified in the approved model numbers. Please view part # 11-17868

Q: Good day. Is this an L1 and L2 antenna?

No, this is not an L1/L2 antenna.

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