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Cloud9 Headset Controller Holder Lightspeed Delta Zulu

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Part# 13-25581


Cloud9 Headset Controller Holder Lightspeed Delta Zulu.

Note: Not compatible with any other Lightspeed headset.


  • 3D printed in Black Polycarbonate able to withstand high ambient heat in a hot cockpit when aircraft parked on the ramp. Polycarbonate can withstand ambient temps up to 120C (248 Degree Fahrenheit). This is NOT printed in a low temp and low cost PETG as seen with other similar products.
  • Can be configured to mount to the aircraft window using the included suction cups. See Pics
  • Can be configured to be hard mounted to an instrument panel or when using the included clamping plate be mounted to soft aircraft interior panels
  • Can be mounted to existing Cessna Ashtray Frames in a piggyback fashion. See pics
  • Mounting provisions for use with a RAM suction cup in place of the supplied suction cups. RAM suction cup not included.
  • This is for Lightspeed Delta Zulu only.

In The Box

  • Headset Controller Dock for Litespeed Zulu & Sierra Series 3D printed in Black Polycarbonate.
  • 2ea suction cups with threaded stud for use when in suction cup mounting configuration.
  • 1ea clamping plate with threaded inserts for use when hard mounting to instrument panel or soft interior panels. 3D printed in Black Polycarbonate



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