Airgizmos Garmin Horizontal Panel Dock Angle Adapter

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Part# 11-04671
MFR Model# PD7


AirGizmos Horizontal Tilt Bracket angles the GPS at a fixed angle of 15 degrees, providing a much more convenient viewing angle.

This adapter fits in the same panel cutout as the Panel Dock, so if you already have a Panel Dock you can attach this adapter without having to modify your installation.You can mount the Angle Adapter in either direction, in case you fly in the right seat.

In addition, by using this adapter you can expand your installation options, since it lets you surface-mount the Panel Dock on any instrument panel.


  • Width: 4.25"
  • Height: 6.37"
  • Depth 2.57"
  • Weight: 2.7 ounces
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Great product! Fit my instrument panel perfectly. The improved vision this angle adapter has provided is exceptional. LK

Leroy P Verified Purchase


April 4, 2023

Perfect fit

Savage F
March 10, 2021

Can now see screen much better, very easy install

November 5, 2018

Nice mount. Can be attached flush on the panel.

Doug C
June 9, 2018


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Q: Would I have to buy the AirGizmos panel dock for this angle adapter to work or can I just use the angle adapter in place of the panel dock?

This needs to be used in conjunction with the panel dock. You can use it with either part # 11-08321 or part # 11-03509.

Q: Can the AirGizmos horizontal panel dock angle angle adapter can be used for the Garmin 296?

Yes, but you will also need 11-03509 to dock the 296 into. This adapter tilts the dock that holds the GPS.

Q: I purchased your panel mount for Garmin Aera 660. It needs to be tilted towards pilot side. Will this adapter work with your Aera 660 Panel Mount? If not, do you have another products in the works or ready for tilting Aera 660?

Yes, this angle adapter will work with the Garmin 660 Airgizmos Panel Mount, part # 11-14552.

Q: Do you have the Horizontal 15 degree bracket for the Garmin Airgizmos panel dock angle adapter for the 796 Airgizmos bracket?

Yes, see part # 11-07310.

Q: I just purchased this and currently have the 11-14552 installed in panel direct wired to GDL 39. When installing this unit will I still have the wired connection to the Air Gizmo from my GDL 39?

This adapter fits in the same panel cutout as the Panel Dock, so if you already have a Panel Dock you can attach this adapter without having to modify your installation. You can mount the Angle Adapter in either direction.

Q: Can the PANEL DOCK ANGLE ADAPTER be flush mounted to the panel without cutting the panel?

No, the recommended install requires a panel cut.

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