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Part# 13-01943


These ball and socket air vents are injection molded T grade ABS. The vent orifice is 1" dia., and the ball swivels 45. The mounting flange is 2-1/8" square, and the distance between mounting hold centers is 1- 11/16". Mounts in 1.75" dia. hole & uses 1-3/4" ducting.
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These work great for the price. Im very happy with them and will buy some more for our training aircraft. The picture is 100% correct. They do NOT work like the originals but they are strong, easy to use and are inexpensive. Perfect for a low cost alternative to $100 vents. They are not a replacement for $100 vents, but if money is important then these do the job!

March 29, 2020

This air vent is all plastic but very well made. Works very well in my simulator.

Steve D
January 16, 2020

Product looks completely good and functional for its purpose. However I decided to not go that route for vent inlets. There is some leakage, but for the price it is a decent product.

Mike T
February 4, 2018

These fit my Cessna 177B overhead vents perfectly, originals originals from Cessna were NLA and would have been much more expensive. These dont twist open like the original but do work.

September 17, 2017

I concur with the previous post that these inexpensive vents are not a replacement for one costing $100+ but for less than $20 each they do work and they look more expensive than they are. Besides that, they are very lightweight and they do seem to be we well made. I think they will not cheapen the cockpit of any hombuilt.

Richard L
December 8, 2015

There's a reason why these vents are significantly cheaper than every other eyeball vent. It's because they don't operate like every other one out there - twisting the knurled ring doesn't open and close the vent. Instead you have to stick your finger inside the vent to flip the door open or closed. Plus, they don't appear to seal up tight - there's a slight gap around the vent even when fully closed. However, they do look the part, and they are inexpensive (but not cheaply made), but be prepared to explain to passengers how they work.

May 30, 2013

Nice price but does did not work well for me because it does not close off completely and air flow is not really adjustable with the pressure in my plane - either on or (almost) off. The back end is deeper than original in my Cardinal but was able to make it work by mounting to the outside of the air box on the overhead console. Im looking for something better but not so ridiculously priced.

Doug T
September 4, 2017

They are likely functional, but I won’t be installing them in my plane because they are extremely difficult to move/rotate around. The plastic parts bind too much. They are a poor substitute for the original Cessna vent. It was a waste of money for me.

December 21, 2018


Q: Are these plastic eyeball vents FAA PMAd?

No, these vents are not FAA approved.

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