Cessna Fuel Cap Gasket - B100142-1

Part# 06-00987
MFR Model# B100142-1


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Flying M Verified Purchase


October 14, 2021

fits great and great seal

David W
March 20, 2016

Correct fit, easy install. Fixed leaky in-flight fuel filler on my 172. Replaced the old ones in my 150, too, but they still leak. Probably the cap itself and not the gasket.

Nick S
August 24, 2015


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Q: What are the dimensions of this Cessna Fuel Cap Gasket - B100142-1?

The approximate dimensions are: 2-3/16" OD x 1-1/2" ID x 1/8" thickness.

Q: Does the gasket B100142-1 fit cap C156003-0101?

Per the supplier: Yes, it will fit.

Q: Correction to the above: These gaskets are more like 3/32 thick than 1/8 the RG225 is 1/8 as advertised.

Thank you for providing this follow up. We will post it for other customer reference.

Q: Is this the replacement part number for Cessna P/N: 0311360-5?

Yes, 0311360-5 cross references to this part number.

Q: Is this fuel cap gasket compatible with non-Ethanol MOGAS?

These do not have mogas approvals.

Q: Does this gasket cross to Cessna P/N 0311360-4?

This gasket can be used with that fuel cap.

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