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Cessna 210 Ashby Glareshield

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1960-19611963-1965 (Early)1970-19861962 Only1965 (Late)-1967
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Glareshield OnlyWith 12V LightsWith 24V Lights
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This part can be manufactured under contract with the owner operator under FAR 21.303b2. It is the owner operator's responsibility to determine airworthiness and applicability.

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Application Chart:
Part Number
Fits Models
1963-1965 (Early)
1962 Only
1965 (Late) -1967


Shield was very well made. Fit only required slight beveling to adjust for angle of windshield. Easly able to cut out for radio vent and defroster vent and I added aluminum mesh to allow air flow to back side for cut outs. Mounting proved to be a little more complicated. I made to brackets to mount to top of existing front edge and fastened to these using rivnuts 10-32 on brackets and small hole beveled and stainless grommet and tapered recess screw to fastened down on glare shield. I easily attached existing glare shield lights with double sided tape to front underside of shield. Totally Hidden. Looks great!

Dirk R
February 24, 2021

Fit perfectly. I had to clearance the glare shield in the center where the windshield brace is. Other than that it fit perfectly. Ryan

Ryan E
June 1, 2020

I searched for a way to install a glare shield where none existed. This worked great. They are reasonably priced for the labor that goes into making one. They are a quality unit, not cheaply made. It is light yet strong. Contrary to the internet research I did these are not shiny and reflective in the windshield. They are a mat black and are perfect for a glare shield. They are very closely fitted to your exact aircraft but may take some minor cutting/sanding to fit properly. One issue I had on my 210 is there is only about 1/16 clearance between my windshield and the panel but the glare shield is about 3/32 thick. They are fiberglass and sand easily. Be careful not to overdo it. Go slow and measure carefully before cutting.

Kurt M
November 8, 2013


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Q: What color are the lights that come with the glareshields?

The lights are white.

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