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Bing Alcohol Resistant
Fuel Line
Bing Alcohol Resistant
Fuel Line
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BAI Alcohol Resistant Fuel line. it does not rot, or deteriorate from the inside which would cause clogging of the carburetor or fuel system. It withstands 50 pounds pressure per square inch without clamps. has a tensile strength of up to 8,000 PSI.

TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Withstands continued exposure to temperatures from -65F to 220F without deterioration.

UV: We have added a UV protection to the fuel line.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Exceptional gasoline and oil resistance. Highly resistant to most other chemicals.

ELASTIC RECOVERY: High elastic "memory" together with tensile strength, permit joining to barbed fittings in low pressure applications without the need for external clamps. BAI highly recommends using clamps in ALL aircraft application.

Fuel Line SHOULD ALWAYS BE INSPECTED CAREFULLY BEFORE EACH FLIGHT and REPLACED EVERY YEAR. Fuel line can be damaged by UV rays and coastal environments.


Good quality fast delivery

William M
January 29, 2021

Good quality shipped fast

William M
January 29, 2021

I replaced the blue fuel line I usually use (on my ELSA Trike) from Aircraft Spruce with the alcohol resistant fuel line from Bing. This new line is very supple and is a pleasure to work with. As a tip, if I had difficulty pushing it over a fitting I would put the fuel line over needle nose pliers and briefly heat the fuel line with a heat gun while opening the pliers. This would make it easier to push the fuel line over the fitting. I will update this rating when I do my next annual.

Evan C
November 2, 2020

Good stuff. Work well

Dave C
September 2, 2020

I fly a Powered Parachute and change my fuel lines annually with the Bing Fuel Line. The clear stuff others sell is similar to the type of line found in aquariums. I dont trust it and have had it crack on me before.

Peter M
June 25, 2018

Excellent fuel tubing.

Daniel H
May 17, 2018

Im lucky enough (for now) to have ethanol free gas available, but still use this. Works well, and hey, the blue color looks cool.

April 23, 2018

AS advertised

Michael L
November 26, 2017

as advertised

Michael L
November 26, 2017

Although I now have a reliable source for alcohol free gas, I still like and use the Bing alcohol resistant fuel line on my Rotax 503. Never had any issues with it as a fuel or pulse line.

W. W
September 28, 2017


Q: How is this Bing alcohol resistant fuel line sold? By the foot? Package?

This fuel line is priced and sold by foot.

Q: Is this see-through? I need something clear for a wing-root fuel sight gauge.

It is translucent, but it is blue in color, not clear. So it is not entirely see through.

Q: Can this be used as pulse line, or do I need tubing specifically designed for that purpose?

We have pulse line listed under part number 05-01063.

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