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Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. is a U.S. based aircraft parts distribution company which provides a full line of certificated and experimental aircraft parts, avionics, and pilot supplies to retail and wholesale customers worldwide. Aircraft Spruce was established in 1965 and maintains distribution facilities in Corona, CA, Peachtree City, GA, and Brantford, ON, Canada. Aircraft Spruce is solely a distributor of aircraft parts and does not manufacture, engineer, or repair aviation products, and as such, we do not require national authority approval. Aircraft Spruce is an authorized distributor for most major aircraft parts manufacturers, and a full product line can be found in our 1000+ page parts catalog and on our website.

Aircraft Spruce has approximately 200 employees and operates using standard quality control procedures applicable to parts distribution. The distribution facilities in Corona, CA and Peachtree City, GA are 61,000 square feet each and the facility in Brantford, ON is 20,000 square feet. All facilities are modern, well lit, and equipped with the latest communication and computer technology throughout. All warehouses are furnished with the modern metal racking and shelving, with dedicated areas for efficient receiving, inspection, and labeling of incoming products to maintain total traceability from dock to stock to shipping.

Certified parts are only sourced through approved manufacturers or distributors and flow requirements include the following counterfeit/unapproved parts clause 8.1.4:

To prevent the use of counterfeit parts, Aircraft Spruce utilizes the following processes.

  • An approved supplier list is maintained to ensure product can meet requirements of our customer and Aircraft Spruce terms of purchase.
  • A statement for each supplier to not knowingly supply counterfeit parts is included in our terms of purchase provided with the purchase orders.
  • General requirements for items purchased include certifications of conformity from manufacturer.
  • When available or applicable, full test reports including material certifications are required on purchased products.
  • During inspection/verification, trained employees review characteristics as well as all documentation relating to the product for accuracy and authenticity.
  • A documented process for the updating of prints and specifications prevents the use of obsolete specifications and or prints.
  • A documented process is used for the control of nonconforming product including segregation to avoid unintended use.
  • Strict lot control is utilized for all incoming material, storage and outgoing shipments.
Any counterfeit/unapproved discovered will be segregated for return and subject to reporting to the appropriate entities (GIDEP, etc.).