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Part# 12-03756


Steel Cleco Pliers!

Clecall Upright Steel Cleco Pliers: Faster to use / Easier to Activate
Spring Loaded to open with less effort
Latest design accommodates 1/4" Cleco width
Forged steel for heavy duty use
Handle Compression distance reduced further for more comfort
Reduce fatigue and wrist pain
Vertical profile installs clecos in tight areas with ease
Install clecos on upside down surfaces easily

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Bloody fantastic tool. More practical and less fatigue on your hand than the standard cleco pliers.

Greg P
October 25, 2019

These properly hold the flange of the cleco. Cheap pliers dont hold the flange securely and allow it to slip and wedge in the opening. The 90 degree bend compared to the typical plier allows for much easier gripping when inserting clecos on a horizontal surface yet are easy to use on vertical surfaces, too. Weve set aside the other pliers and use these only.

Karl K
September 19, 2018

Great for applications where the cleco body is parallel to your arm/hand motion. The cylindrical rim that the cleco shoulder rests on keeps the cleco secure, whereas with most cheap cleco pliers its easy the get the cleco shoulder jammed on the rim. The spring action is very helpful, and the overall design of the Clecall pliers will benefit those with arthritis.

Mike S
September 6, 2017

These are the most comfortable cleco pliers ever. Work effortlessly. Love the spring action.

Diane B
June 3, 2015

The jaws donât open to accept the side grip clecos but everything else is ok. I spent over $700 and I wanted a new catalogue and it didnât show up as I specifically asked for one. All other stuff is good

March 21, 2021


Q: New to building and want to know if this cleco plier will work on copper, silver and black clecos? Do not have any of them yet but am concerned if they are greater than 1/4 diameter which this plier will work on.

These pliers will work on any compression style sheet holders we offer. The color/size does not matter. Wing or Hex head styles do not require these pliers.

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