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Aerox Boomula - Headset Mounted Oxygen Conserving Cannula

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Part# 13-24371
MFR Model# 4110-1217


The Aerox BOOMULA is an integrated conserving-cannula, replacing the ubiquitous “mustache” cannula with a headset-mounted cannula. The conserving pendant feature is attached to the Aerox BOOMULA, moving it out of the way of the user’s face.

The Aerox BOOMULA has a unique hard-mounting feature for the Bose® A20 headset – with an included mount that screws into the headset, replacing the cover opposite the microphone mount, for easy access and removal. A universal, stick-on mount is included also.

In line with their reputation of providing the Easiest to Use Oxygen Systems for Pilots, the Aerox BOOMULA simply connects to any existing flowmeter/needle valve for universal use on nearly all aircraft. No proprietary conserver is required. The Aerox BOOMULA simply flips up when not in use and won’t interfere with the ear-to-cup seal on ANR headsets.

Aerox has been promoting the use of supplemental oxygen at altitudes as low as 8,000’ since blood-oxygen ratios can reach impairment-inducing levels at that altitude. The Aerox BOOMULA encourages oxygen use by being convenient, good-looking, and easy to use.
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Relatively easy to install. Really convenient compared to over the ear tubes that require you to remove your headset in order to put them on or take them off.

Datchair L Verified Purchase


March 21, 2023


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Q: I have the BoseX. Does the Aerox Boomula work with it?

Yes this will work with the BoseX.

Q: If you have no other Oxygen delivery equipment installed, what all else would you need to make this a complete system?

This part requires a 1/4 inch barb to plug into. If there is no flowmeter or fitting with a 1/4 barb they will cannot use this.

Q: Does this Aerox Boomula work with the Sky Ox system and what length of tubing is with the kit?

Yes it's compatible with the SkyOx system too. Just remove the cannula from the flow indicator and attach the Boomula to the indicator and that's it. The tube lengths are the same as the existing cannula approximately.

Q: How does it attach to a David Clark DC ONE-XP headset?

For the One-XP, this attaches with suction cups on the side/bottom of the earcup.

Q: Will this work with the Mountain High O2D2 system?

No this will not work with a Mountain High system, they use a different plug.