ECON 1/4 STRP DP INV TP 13 1/4

Part# 12-01514


For drilling an accurate hole in overlapping sheets. The inverted type duplicator allows you to locate a hole from the back of an overlaping sheet. #10 #21 #30 #40 1/4" drill sizes, 6-1/4" or 13-1/4"

PN 12-01507 is pictured.


My fault for not looking at the picture more carefully before buying. The description even says INVERTED TYPE. The tool is quite well made but not what I expected or wanted. I have not come across a use for this type of strap duplicator yet but for the price of the tool relative to the shipping I will just keep them and see if a need ever comes up.

Airborne A
February 11, 2019


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Q: What size should I order for instrument panel screw holes?

Instrument screws are usually a 6-32 so you would want a #35 bit. I would go with the number 30 duplicator to make the initial hole and then follow up with a #35 drill.

Q: What does the 6-1/4" and the 13-1/4" mean in the size?

Those are the lengths of the tool itself.

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