2024T3 ALUM TUBE 1/4X.035 1FT

Part# 03-31600-1
MFR Model#
Part No.


If manufacturing test reports are required, there is a minimum $15.00 charge per order. Please indicate in the special instructions box at the time of order that certs are required.


Received exactly what I ordered, almost perfect. (Cut ends were left rough and sharp, no big deal but would only have taken 30 seconds to clean up.)

Thomas W
February 23, 2021

Excellent quality

Jim B
October 28, 2019

Great quality. Thank you.

Travis E
June 19, 2018

item worked well

March 10, 2020

Tube was just fine, although in a perfect world it would have had the material designation part of the markings on it. :-) I realize that a 1 foot piece is going to get whatever comes up for markings, but the markings on this tube were almost invisible and unreadable because of smearing. I do have one squawk though: A one foot piece will fit easily in a USPS Flat Rate box, but that shipping option was removed from the shipping choices when I put the tube in my cart (it was the only item in the order). USPS charges about $7.50 to ship that way, but the least expensive option you offered was UPS Ground for almost $12.00. The tube itself was only $9.60. I realize that in general, for tubing lengths longer than 1 foot UPS ground would be the least expensive due to package size, but perhaps a bit of special processing could be included in your ordering system for metal tubing (and other product) lengths of 1 foot to allow USPS Flat Rate?

Allan W
March 26, 2020

I will find a use for the piece of aluminum, I usually do. What I was really looking for was .020 soft aluminum for use as a air duct. Scat Ducting may work, but I will need to check with my AI. The air duct will pass in close proximity to an exhaust stack. A shield over the Scat duct may work.

Robert E
October 15, 2018


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