Cleveland Wheels & Brakes 199-103

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Part# 199-103
MFR Model# 199-10300


Although magnesium wheels and brakes are considerably lighter, magnesium is subject to corrosion and should not be used for amphibious operation. Only organic linings should be used on all brakes. All parts of the 500 x 5 size wheels and brakes for amphibians are constructed ofanodized aluminum for water resistance. Although a special 40-74 series of 600 x 6 wheels and brakes are manufactured for amphibious use, with chrome plated bearings and brake disc and water drainage holes, they are too costly for use on homebuilt aircraft.

The use of standard Cleveland aluminum wheels with standard bearings on amphibian aircraft is suggested. If bearings are kept well greased, reasonable service can be expected, but earlier bearing replacement should be anticipated.


S1-C, S1-S (Pitts Special)

Stop Starduster
V-Star SA-900, Starlet SA-500
Starduster Too SA-300
Acroduster Too SA-750
SA-100 Starduster One
SA-101 Super Starduster

Wag Aero
Sport Trainer, Observer, Acro Trainer
Acro Sport I & II, Wag-a-bond Classic
Super Sport, Wag-a-bond Traveler
Sportsman 2+2, Wag-a-bond

Kit Built/Experimental and General Usage
Kit Built/Experimental 1-1/4" Axle



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