Dynon Avionics EMS-D10 Engine Monitor

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Part# 10-01160
MFR Model# 100537-000


The EMS-D10 is a ergonomically engineered engine monitor that blends traditional analog gauges with newer digital technologies to provide a user-friendly instrument that enhances safety and peace of mind. With up to 27 separate inputs available, the pilot's workload is significantly reduced as the EMS-D10 continuously monitors all sensor inputs for the powerplant, fuel and other miscellaneous systems and immediately annunciates any abnormality requiring attention.

A multi-page display environment provides pilots with an excellent systems overview coupled with the added capability of presenting additional detail upon demand to optimize overall management of the various systems. Each of the color graphic screen presentations promotes easy visual scanning for interpretation of the current measurements relative to their normal/abnormal operational limits.

New Design
While the EMS-D10 looks identical to Dynon's popular EFIS-D10A series of Electronic Flight Information Systems, it is not the same instrument nor simply a software upgrade but a totally new and separate dedicated instrument. To keep the look and feel of the EFIS series, the EMS-D10 utilizes the identical sunlight visible, color display, keypad and bezel that preserves the look and feel while additionally allowing greater panel uniformity. Once past the common user interface, the electronics support are very different between the EFIS series and EMS-D10 engine monitoring system.

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  • Multiple Color Graphic Displays
  • Rapid Hotkey Page Switching
  • EGT Peak Detection
  • User-Defined Limits/Color Ranges
  • Audio & Visual Alarms
  • System Clock & Timers
  • User-Configurable Displays
  • Laptop-Free Sensor Setup/Calibration
  • English & Metric Units
  • Monitors up to 4 Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Computer
  • Data Logging/PC Analysis
  • Ergonomic Design
  • User-Friendly Softkey Menus
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness
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Q: What are the dimensions of the Dynon EMS D10?

The bezel is 4.09"W x 3.39"H and the depth behind the panel is 5.25" (not including wire harness).

Q: Is there a sensor package for the Dynon D10 long enough to reach between the panel and the engine in a Cozy where the engine is aft of the aircraft?

No, there is not a complete kit as you will have to order the main Dynon probe package and then order extension leads for each probe/sender.

Q: What is the weight of the D10 unit?

The EMS D10 (10-01160) weighs 1 lb. 4 oz.

Q: Does the Dynon EMS D10 fit in standard round 3-1/8 instrument panel hole?

Yes, the D10 fits in the standard 3-1/8" instrument opening.

Q: Is there any stc to install the ems D10 in a certified aircraft?

No, there is not an STC to install the EMS D10 in a certified aircraft.

Q: Can I use the original Rotax sensors?

Yes you can as the Dynon Rotax kit only includes parts/probes that do not come with the engine already.

Q: Can or will this Dynon EMS D10 unit monitor water temp/pressure?

Per Dynon, P/N 10-01160 can monitor water pressure and temp when used with typical engine sensor.

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