Anti Splat Aero No Hassle Engine Pre-Heater

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Part# 07-26883


Caution: Do not connect or operate this product prior to installation in the engine oil sump! Do not operate this product without oil in the sump! Always disconnect this heater before draining the oil from your engine! Failure to follow these statements will destroy your engine pre-heater, and possibly damage your engine. Submersion in oil is essential to keep the unit from overheating.

“No Hassle Engine Pre-Heater” is Anti Splat Aero LLC's newest specialty accessory, developed specifically for use in most Lycoming equipped aircraft.

The product is constructed of 6061-T-6 aluminum, machined and assembled to give years of trouble-free service. Warms internal engine components for quick starts in cold weather and reduces engine wear by improving the oil flow. No glue, stickers, Band-Aids, no fans, no hoses, no box heaters, no ductwork, requires no thermostat or timers, no fuss or mess, just plug it in and you are ready to go.


  • A simple one time, 10-minute installation at your next oil change, as it threads directly into the oil sump, and you are finished.



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Q: Where exactly in the engine does this pre oil heater screw in?

Per the manufacturer, it screws into the spare drain in the sump.