NavStrobe Tailfin Light With Constant And Fast White Strobe 30W

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Part# 11-13587
MFR Model# BA15SWCS-30W-1156


These bulbs are standard parts and have been designed to meet the requirements of TSO-C30c.

Emitter Type: CREE LED's
  • Total Emitters: 6
  • Power: 30W Equivalent
  • Color BIN: White

  • Rated Voltage: 10-28VDC

  • Draws <340ma @ 14.2VDC
  • Luminous Flux: 676LM (0 degrees), 666LM (90 degrees)
  • Color Temperature: 6000~6500K
  • 2 modes: constant & fast strobe
  • Base Type: BA15s = Single contact with inline pins. (GE1691 & 1156)
  • Application: Tailfin Navigation Light replacement.
  • Contains 1 light bulb per pack
Dimensions: 1.9 in x 0.7 in (50.5 mm x 1.6 cm)
Weight: 0.32 oz (9 g)

Turn on first: Constant lighting / Turn on second time <3s: Fast Strobe. Switch between modes in fog/cloud etc.
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Its bright and the strobe is a neat extra feature

Bruce T Verified Purchase


April 20, 2024

Just installed. Good fit. Extremely bright! Strobe function works well. Great drop in replacement for the standard Grimes taillight system.

Geoff G
September 14, 2018

I purchased both the 30w KIT for one plane, then individual red, white and green 30w bulbs for another plane that didnt need the ancillary parts. So this same review will be found on both the kit listing and the individual bulb listings. I put up a great video on youtube under Cessna 172 Before & After - NavStrobe 30w Sextant Nav Strobe Kit. Anyhow, these bulbs were installed in both a late 50s 172 and late 50s 150. Installation was an absolute breeze with perfect fitment. Bulbs are ridiculously bright. Due to colored one piece glass lenses, the 150 could not accommodate the clear covers included in the Kit, so the piecemeal bulbs were purchased. Even inside the colored lenses, the bulbs are stupidly bright. The “strobe” feature is pretty cool and works well. I did find they lose sync fairly quickly, but it’s probably not a real concern. I found the manufacturer very responsive. Over the course of several days, I picked his brain countless times through email. He was always quick to respond, friendly and professional. The only thing left to see is how long they last. I will update these reviews in a year or so.

November 4, 2016

A little brighter than the original 5W and 7.5W Navstrobe bulbs. Has a slower flash than the old ones and a short pause after each group of 4 or 5 flashes. No radio noise (hiss and pop) like the old ones when squelch is broken by a weak signal (with and without shielded wiring to the lights).

Dave S
May 22, 2020


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Q: What is the fast strobe flash rate?

The flash rate for the Navstrobe tailfin light (11-13587)is 300ms.

Q: Do these Navstrobe Tailfin Lights with Constant and Fast Strobe 30W put out any RFI?

Per supplier: There is a small amount of RFI coming from any bulb in the strobe mode. Mine is well below the normal threshold of a radio and use of the squelch will eliminate the noise. In tests, I need an antenna within 1 foot to cause any problems, so I would ask if you could make sure your antenna is not really close to the nav lights. You could have a loose or dirty light socket. Please make sure the power is off and breaker is off. Clean the socket with alcohol before the next step. Use very fine sandpaper and clean the walls of the socket and the bottom connector until a little shiny. Remove any residue with more alcohol. Use dielectric grease to coat the metal parts of the socket and bulb.

If your radio has auto squelch it will totally remove squelch when tuned to very distant stations and then you may pick up my lights. As you get closer (stronger signal), the squelch increases and the issue will go away. If you are tuned to a station with no signal, you will not hear my lights since the default squelch is usually about 10% of radio sensitivity.

Q: Will these fit the standard tip nav light on a tip tanked PA-30?

Part# 11-13587 is for the tail light, not the wing tip.

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