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Garmin Glareshield Mount TNC GPS Antenna For G5 FAA-TSO

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Part# 10-06987
MFR Model# 010-12444-00


The glareshield-mounted GPS antenna (Garmin part number 011-04036-00) feeds a GPS receiver inside the G5 which provides position, velocity, and time data to support various functions.

If the primary G5 is installed as an ADI, HSI, or DG and not connected to a WAAS enabled GPS source, the G5 must be connected to this antenna.

It is designed for installation on top of an existing instrument panel glareshield. The selected location must offer good visibility of the sky through the windshield. Installation of the GPS antenna cannot obstruct or limit the pilotís vision (even though the antenna has a low profile). The optimal antenna position is horizontal, or as close to horizontal as practical given the shape of the glareshield.

Fastener holes for screw-mounted antenna installation must not penetrate through the ventilation or defrost channels built into the glareshield, if present. If the glareshield is part of the instrument panel structure, fastener holes may only be drilled if provisioned by the aircraft maintenance manual or structural repair manual.

A TNC/BNC Adaptor (P/N 11-17444) is required to connect the GPS antenna to the G5.


Chinookflight is apparently unaware that this device is available for the same price with a connector appropriate to his usage...

Brian R
June 25, 2022

This item is pathetic: Every item utilizes a BNC connector...except this one sports a TNC. So in addition to the exoborant price, you have to obtain a FAA/PMA approved adapter at $90.00 (Exact same item through online is $11.00).

Pugetsoundflyers, I Verified Purchase


November 16, 2023

It does what it needs to, but, why not put a standard connector on the end? Garmin puts a threaded BNC on the end then they want you to spend $95 for a BNC-TNC adapter

Chinookflight L
February 9, 2021


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Q: What type of connector is on this, SMA?

This antenna has a TNC connector. In order to connect to a G5 you will also need p/n: 11-17444.

Q: How long is the Garmin antenna # 010-12444-00 cable?

This antenna cable is approximately 8 ft long.

Q: What external mounted GPS antenna would replace this antenna ( 011-04036-10 ) ?

Unfortunately the STC for the G5 does not provide an alternative antenna.

Q: Is this Garmin glareshield mount GPS antenna a WAAS GPS antenna?

No it is not a WAAS GPS antenna.

Q: Will I need to get a separate antenna for the aera660 if I plan to use this on a G5?

It is not required as the unit has a built-in receiver/antenna. However it is recommended to use one for a secure signal.

Q: Does this antenna have form 8130?

Part # 10-06897 is an o/h manifold pressure, it will have a yellow tag and 8130 since it is overhauled and a certified part.

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