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Pilot USA Carbon A1 ANR Headset

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Dual GAU-174 HeliPanel Power LEMO
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So light you may forget that you have a headset on when you get out of the aircraft

  • Made with carbon fiber material, 30% lighter than regular headsets.
  • Connect to two devices at the same time!
  • Record out capabilities to camera/digital recorder or smart phone.
  • USB -C external power source input.
  • AUX input capabilities, dual volume control
  • Two AA batteries 20-25 hour continues usage.
  • Detachable comm cord for different applications. (GA, Heli, 6 pin lemo)
  • ANR attenuation 19-21 db @ 150 Hz
  • 5 year warranty.


  • Passive: 24 dB
  • Active: Additional 20 – 22 dB
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Mono / Stereo Capability
  • Protein Leather Ear Seals
  • Air-foam Head Pad
  • Adjustable “Memory” Flexible Microphone Boom
  • Auxiliary Audio Interface: Music, Checklists, Warnings
  • Custom Padded Protective Case
  • Noise Canceling Electret Microphone
  • Foam Mic Windscreen Cover
  • Dual Volume Control
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Just got it and it is so light and comfortable, the ANR is powerful also i like the Bluetooth controller, great headset and i love it.

Soheila B
May 10, 2021


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Q: What is the Weight of the PILOT USA CARBON A1 ANR HEADSET including Batteries?

The indicated product weight is 10 ounces.

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