Garmin aera 660 Aviation Mount with Power Cable / Audio Jack / GDL® Connection

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Part# 10-06029
MFR Model# 010-12373-02


Garmin Aera 660 Aviation Cradle, GDL.

Receive ADS-B benefits with this connected mount. Charge or power your aera 660 and a GDL 39 from your aircraft's cigarette lighter receptacle. The power cable features a Y-connection so you can place the GDL 39 on your dash and the portable on your yoke or lap.

Compatible Devices

  • aera 660
  • GDL 50
  • GDL 51
  • GDL 52


Easy to install.

Mitchell S Verified Purchase


November 29, 2022

Thorir T Verified Purchase


June 9, 2022

all well works fine ,easy to install.

George T Verified Purchase


March 5, 2022


Collin H Verified Purchase


December 18, 2021

Made a nice clean install for the Aera 660 and gdl 50 tucked the cables under the glare shield and routed the wires under the side panel looks good.

July 20, 2020

This cradle works exactly as expected, providing ADS-B in for the Aera 660. I was not happy with the restricted position provided by the Garmin standard yoke mount, so I moved the cradle over to a RAM mount and am much happier. Also,there was a small amount of vibration with the Garmin standard yoke mount that I didn’t like and that problem is gone with the RAM yoke mount.

Ivan M
November 30, 2017

Works perfectly. In addition to powering both devices, the cable is also wired to transfer data (WX, traffic, attitude)) back and forth.

March 16, 2017


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Q: Does this mount/serial connection pass ADSB and AHRS data to the 660 from the GDL 39 3D? Or only ADSB data?

Yes, when the GDL 39 3D is connected to the Aera 660, it will pass along both ADS-B and AHRS data and display on the 660.

Q: Can this Garmin Aera 660 cable be used in a 24 volt system?

Yes. Both the Aera 660 and GDL 39 will accept power inputs up to 24 volts.

Q: I guess I didnt ask the question clearly enough. Is this CABLE useable on a 24 volt system? I know the units both 660 and GDL 39 will operate on 24 volts but the power cable for the GDL 39 says 12 volt only. Will THIS CABLE work with a 24 volt system?

Per Garmin, this cable will work with a 24v system.

Q: Will this cable work with the new Garmin GDL 50? I was told the GDL 50 uses the same cable connectors as GDL 39.

Yes, this will work with the GDL 50 series.

Q: How long is each cable from where they split from the Y ont he Garmin Aera 660 to GDL cable?

Cigarette cord is approx 34 inches from Y. GDL connector is approx 52 inches from Y.

Q: Plan to use this with area 660. I understand this data cable will pass AHRS and ADS data, BUT will it also pass GPS data to the 660. Id like to use remote GPS antenna on GDL39 but not on the Aera 660.

No, the Aera 660 uses it's own internal GPS antenna.

Q: I have an older garmin 510, this setup looks the same but will it work with an Aera 510?

No, this will not work with the Aera 510. You will need part # 11-10734 for the 510.

Q: Can this cable wire the Sirius audio into the aircraft system?

No, this cradle is intended to wire the Aera 660 and GDL unit into aircraft power to power the units in flight. It does not transmit audio or communications.

Q: Will this work on a 760 or do you have a part # for the 760 equivalent?

You will need the bare wire kits for both the aera 760 and the GDL unit. You will need 11-18298.

Q: I need the same cable but for aera 760...does its work?

Unfortunately this is only compatible with the aera 660, and there is not an equivalent single cradle / wire option for the Aera 760 with the GDL unit.

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