Garmin aera 660 Aviation Cradle Bare Wires

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Part# 10-06028
MFR Model# 010-12373-01


Garmin Aera 660 Aviation Cradle, Bare Wires.

Expand the communication possibilities of your aera. Connect the bare wires to a panel mount to transfer data, such as a flight plans, to your aera; conversely, you can connect to a panel-mounted radio to transfer data. You can even connect to a transponder to display air traffic data on your aera. Simply attach the aviation mount to the yoke mount using the included mounting hardware.


Made it easy to install in the plane

Mike L Verified Purchase


August 30, 2022

Siguroddur P Verified Purchase


February 9, 2022

Edward M Verified Purchase


September 3, 2021

Doesn’t work for me I ordered this for a 660 but it won’t fit my unit will have to send it back sorry.

Joseph C Verified Purchase


June 17, 2021

Just what I needed to install the 660 .

Dan B
January 9, 2021

I now have the Aera 660 wired into aircraft power. Unit automatically starts up when power is applied. Will ask if you want to shut it off when power is lost. Good for fuel stops when it is desired to keep the power on when the engine isnt running. Also wired the data into the JPI FS-450 Fuel Flow Computer. Works well with that unit. Only caveat is that the ground wire for both units must be on the same grounding point. Time to install was about an hour or so. Fairly straight forward.

Edward S
July 19, 2017

Works wonderfully, but Garmin should make the embedded wires a larger gauge.

Vernon D
May 16, 2020

Send unit back did not fit into 660.

David M
October 13, 2019


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Q: Is this GARMIN AERA 660 AVIATION CRADLE BARE WIRES a Garmin product or aftermarket?

This product is manufactured by Garmin. It is a Garmin product.

Q: Can this cable be used to hard wire power into the aera 660 when in the panel mount, so I do not have to use the cigarette lighter connector for power? I can connect the power and ground to aircraft power, so when aircraft is on, aera 660 is powered and/or charging if needed.

That is correct. This cable is designed to provide both power and data to the 660 so that you can plug it into ships power.

Q: Is this Garmin Aera 660 bare wires harness assembly compatible when using the Airgizmos Aera 600 panel dock, part # 11-14552?

Yes, the Airgizmos panel dock for the 660 allows room for the bare wires cradle to be used simultaneously so the Aera 660 can be hard wired.

Q: Will using this kit allow the unit to be connected to a JPI FS-450 for fuel flow data? (Fuel required for leg/fuel remaining)

The FS-450 and Aera 660 can connect together, with information only going from the Aera 660 to the FS-450. NMEA183 is the setup protocol, and the info displayed on the FS-450 will be to the waypoint.

Q: Does this cradle provide the RS-232 output I need to connect to the G5 (HSI)?

Yes, for an Aera 660 this will provide you with RS-232 output.

Q: Will the Garmin Aera 660 aviation cradle bare wires connect and provide data to my Pro Pilot auto pilot?

Yes. The Pro Pilot will accept NMEA 0183, RS-232, message from an Aera 660 via the bare wire connection.

Q: Will the AERA 660 Aviation Cradle Bare Wires mount interface with a RAM mount system?

It does not have the ball already on it, however you can purchase the RAM Aera adapter, part # 11-09853, to attach it to youu mount system.

Q: Will this cable allow me to hook up the GDL 39 as well as the G5?

This bare wire cable has a power and ground wire plus two RS-232 wires to interconnect to two devices (such as a GDL 39/50 and G5) as well as an audio wire lead.

Q: I have Aera560 installed in the panel. Can the unit be replaced with Aera660 without changing the power-data connector? They seem to be the same, at least visually.

The Aera 660 is not a direct replacement for the Aera 560 panel install. The dimensions and power data connectors are different for both.

Q: Can the 660 GPS output RS232 position data to a 406 MHz ELT?

As long as the baud rate matches between the units, this will be possible.

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