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Part# 11-08733
MFR Model# 327070-3020


This battery-powered, dual plug straight cable features a high-performance electret microphone with a customizable Bluetooth audio and communications interface. In addition, it includes a wired audio input and audio prioritization controls to customize the pilot’s or passengers’ experience. The dual plug connectors are the most popular configuration used in a variety of general and commercial aircraft. The boom microphone and cable can be mounted to the left or right earcup.


  • Industry-leading active noise reduction with clear audio and comfortable fit
  • Audio prioritization controls with multiple customizable settings
  • At least 45 hours of battery life from two AA batteries (Bluetooth use may reduce battery life)
  • Shielded straight cable for greater EMI resistance
  • Full-function Bluetooth capability provides Bose® quality sound
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works great

Will J
December 27, 2019

Pricey, but easily replaced the cable on my Bose A20 headset. Hard to tell from the listing, but it does include the microphone. A word of advice: DO NOT leave batteries in these things if they are going to be sitting for a while. The original was damaged by leaking batteries, necessitating this expensive replacement.

Dave W
June 9, 2018

Replaced a cord that was 7 years old and had around 3000 flight hours on it. The original cord started to crack near the base of the headset. Could use a longer or more pliable strain relief to reduce the stress of the cord where it enters the headphone.

February 1, 2019


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Q: Can I use this on my Bose X aviation headset?

No, this cable can only be used on the Bose A20 model headsets.

Q: Is this Bose A20 with Bluetooth the new version that wirelessly plays music via Bluetooth, unlike the first version of the Bluetooth A20 that doesn't?

Yes, all current and future stock of the Bose A20 headsets has the new cable assembly allowing for music and phone over Bluetooth connection.

Q: Can you answer phone calls using the Bose A20 cable with Bluetooth?

Yes, the cable with Bluetooth can take phone calls and pass along music using the Bluetooth connection.

Q: Is this part the Bose Spare Part # 327070-3020? Cause you give it another name on your website... #11-08733

Yes. Our part # 11-08733 is Bose model number 327070-3020.

Q: I have an A20 without BlueTooth. Can I exchange this cable on that headset easily to get Bluetooth?

Yes, you can replace the cable yourself. It is not a difficult install.

Q: How many devices can this adapter Bluetooth to simultaneously?

This does not send out a Bluetooth signal. It receives Bluetooth audio from an external Bluetooth device.

Q: Is this an original Bose part or manufactured by someone else?

This item is manufacturer by Bose. It is an original Bose product in new condition.

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