Tank Flange - Annodized Aluminum

Part# 05-01056
MFR Model# 3735


A variety of cap neck styles and materials accommodate oil, fuel, hydraulic or water applications. Accessory options let you build the filler assembly you need. Three different strainers (see Similar Items) provide varying degrees of filtration for 300 Series caps and necks to help you maintain clean fluids within your engine system. Special mountings match the type of connections you require.
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Q: What grade of aluminum is this made out of? 5052? 6061? I want to weld it and need to know.

It is 6061-T6511

Q: What is the outside width of the bottom portion of the flange?

It is approximately 2-9/16".

Q: Regarding tank flange part # 05-01056: How much flange is there? How wide is it? Does the fuel cap filler neck screw into this flange?

Yes, the fuel cap filler neck will screw into this flange. The flange itself will stick out .22" from the unit. The diameter of the entire unit is 3".

Q: What are the thread specifications?

The thread specs on 05-01056 is 2-5/16-18 NF.

Q: Will the threaded neck flange, part number 05-11451 thread into this?

No, this will not work as the dimensions of the flanges are not compatible with each other.

Q: I have this flange welded in my fuel tank. Which fuel cap should I use?

You would need the neck and cap. Part # 05-17800 or 05-17900 for example.

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