Cessna Flap Gap-Speed Kit (114-100) - Bent Edges

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Note: Unit has bent edges from shipping damage. No paperwork included with kit.

**Note: See below for model differences and applications. <> Cessnpa flap gap speed kits consists of a gap seal on the lower flap gap that is an extension of the lower wing skin from the rear spar to the leading edge of the flap. The seal eliminate a high drag area plus reduce the amount of air leaking from the high pressure underside of the wing to the low pressure top side of the wing. The reduction in air leakage allows the wing to fly at a lower angle of attack for the same amount of lift, thus reducing drag. Please note Aircraft Development does not recommend installing a flap gap kit on those aircraft with wet wings because of the difficulty of resealing the wings to a gas leak free condition. This flap gap-kit is FAA STC’d and manufactured under a FAA PMA authority.

Note: Not recommended for aircraft(s) that have wet wings.


Cessna Models
Flap Gap Kit No.
Hardware kit No.
170B, 172 through 172Q, P172D,
R172E through R172K, 172RG,
180 through 180K, 182 through 182R,
185 through 185E, A185F, 210-5, 210-5A,
210 through 210C.
Click here for more details and FAA Cessna Model Approval



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Q: Are these flap-gap kit for both wings or one wing only?

One kit covers both. Left and right wings.