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S/A Assembly
American Champion ( Bellanca, Champion, Aeronca) 7AC,7EC, 7FC, S7AC, S7EC, 7ACA, 7BCM, 7CCM, S7CCM, 7DC, S7DC, 7ECA, 7KCAB A-759 SA3-00
American Champion ( Bellanca, Champion) 7GCAA, 7GCBC A759 SA3-10-B
American Champion (Bellanca, Champion) 8GCBC A21CE SA3-10-B
American Champion (Bellanca, Champion) 8KCAB A21CE SA3-00
American Champion (Bellanca, Trytek, Aeronca) 11AC, 11BC, S11AC, S11BC A-761 SA3-00
Aeronca 11CC, S11CC A-796 SA-3-00
Aeronca K, KS A-634 SA3-00
Aeronca KC, CF A-655 SA3-00
Aeronca KCA, 50-C, S-50-C, 65-C, S-65-C, 65-CA, S-65-CA A-675 SA3-00
Aeronca 50-L, 50-LA, 65-LA, 65-LB A-702 SA3-00
Aeronca 50-TC, 65-TC, YO-TC, YO-58, 60-TF, 65-TF, 50-TL, 65-TL, 65-TAC, 65-TAF, 65-TAL A-728 SA3-00
Aeronca 0-58A, 0-58B, L-3C, SO58B A-751 SA3-00
Aeronca (Rogers, Mitchell) 15AC, S15BAC A-802 SA3-10-C
Bellanca 14-13, 14-13-2, 14-13-3, 14-13-3W A-733 SA3-00-B
Brittan Norman (Pilatus) BN-2, BN-2A, BN-2A-2, BN-2A-3, BN-2A-6, BN-2A-8, BN-2A-9, BN-2A-20, BN-2A-21, BN-2A-26, BN-2A-27, BN-2B-20, BN-2B-21, BN-2B-26, BN-2B-27 A17EU SA3-00
Cessna 120,140 A-768 SA3-00
Cessna 150 thru 150E 3A19 SA3-00-B
Cessna 150F thru 150J 3A19 SA3-00
Cessna 150K thru 150M, A150K thru A150M 3A19 SA3-00
Cessna 152, A152 3A19 SA3-10
Cessna 170A, 170B A-799 SA3-00-B
Cessna 172 Series (S/N 17252534 and up) 3A12 SA3-10
Cessna 172 Series (S/N 28000 thru 17252533) 3A12 SA3-00-B
Cessna 175, 175A, 175B, 175C 3A17 SA3-00-B
Cessna 177, 177A, 177B A13CE SA3-10
Cessna 180 (S/N 18051497 and up) 5A6 SA3-10-D
Cessna 180 (S/N 30000 thru 18051496) 5A6 SA3-10-A
Cessna 182 (S/N 18256040 and up) 3A13 SA3-10-D
Cessna 182 (S/N 33000 thru 18256039) 3A13 SA3-10-A
Cessna 185 (S/N 001 thru 185-0843) 3A24 SA3-10-A
Cessna 185 (S/N 185-0844 and up) 3A24 SA3-10-D
Cessna 206 (S/N 206-001 thru 206-0275) A4CE SA3-10-A
Cessna 206 (S/N 206-0276 and up) A4CE SA3-10-D
Cessna 310, 310-A-B-C-D (S/N 35000 thru 39299) 3A10 SA3-10-A
Dynac 100-180 1A21 SA3-10-C
Dynac Aero Commander 100, Aero Commander 100A, Voltaire 10, Voltaire 10A 1A21 SA3-00
Emigh Trojan Trojan A-2 A-801 SA3-00
Extra EA-300, EA-300S, EA-300L, EA-300/200 A67EU SA3-00
Interstate S-1A, S-1A-65F, S-1A-85F, S-1A-90F A-737 SA3-00
Luscombe 8, 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, T-8F A-694 SA3-00
Maule Bee Dee M-4, M-4, M-4-180C, M-4-180S, M-4-180T, M-4-210, M-4-210C, M-4-210S, M-4-210T, M-4-220C, M-4-220S, M-4-220T, M-4C, M-4S, M-4T, M-5-180C, M-5-200, M-5-210C, M-5-210TC, M-5-220C, M-5-235C, M-6-180, M-6-235, M-7-235, M-7-235A, M-7-235B, M-7-235C, M-7-260, M-7-260C, M-8-235, MT-7-235, MT-7-260, MX-7-160, MX-7-160C, MX-7-180, MX-7-180A, MX-7-180AC, MX-7-180B, MX-7-180C, MX-7-235, MXT-7-160, MXT-7-180, MXT-7-180A, MXT-7-420 3A23 SA3-00, SA3-10-C
Mooney M20 Series that uses p/n 5221 Consolidated gascolator 2A3 SA3-00
Mooney M-18 Series A-803 SA3-00
Navion L-17A,B,C, Navion B,D,E,F,G,H A-782 SA3-10-A
Piper AE-1, HE-1 A-725 SA3-00
Piper J3C-40, J3C-50, J3C-50S, J3C-65, J3C-65S A-691 SA3-00
Piper J3F-50, J3F-50S, J3F-60, J3F-60S, J3F-65 (Army L-4D), J3F-65S A-692 SA3-00
Piper J3L-65 (Army L-4C), J3L-65S, J3L-S A-698 SA3-00
Piper J4, J4A, J4A-S A-703 SA3-00
Piper J4E A-740 SA3-00
Piper J5A (Army L-4F), J5A-80, J5B (Army L-4G), J5C A-725 SA3-00
Piper PA-11, PA-11S A-691 SA3-00
Piper PA-12, PA-12S A-780 SA3-00
Piper PA-14 A-797 SA3-00
Piper PA-15 A-800 SA3-00
Piper PA-16, PA-16S 1A1 SA3-00
Piper PA-17 A-805 SA3-00
Piper PA-18"105"(Special), PA-18"125"(Army L-21A), PA-18"135"(Army L-21B), PA-18"150", PA-18A, PA-18A"135", PA-18A"150", PA-18AS"125", PA-18AS"135", PA-18AS"150", PA-18S, PA-18S"105"(Special), PA-18S"125", PA-18S"135", PA-18S"150", PA-19(Army L-18C), PA-19S 1A2 SA3-00
Piper PA-18A (Restricted), PA-18A {135} (Restricted), PA-18A {150} (Restricted) AR7 SA3-00
Piper PA-20, PA-20 115, PA-20 {135}, PA-20S, PA-20S 115, PA-20S {135} 1A4 SA3-00
Piper PA-22, PA-22-108, PA-22-135, PA-22-150, PA-22-160, PA-22S-135, PA-22S-150, PA-22S-160 1A6 SA3-00
Piper PA-23, PA23-160- 235-250-E23-250 1A10 SA3-00
Piper PA-24 ( S/N 24-1 thru 24-2298) 1A15 SA3-00
Piper PA-25 (150 hp model only) 2A10 SA3-00
Piper PA-28-140, PA-28-150, PA-28-151, PA-28-160, PA-28-161, PA-28-180, PA-28-181, PA-28-236, PA-28S-160, PA-28S-180, PA-28R-180, PA28R-200, PA28R-201, PA28R-T201 2A13 SA3-00
Piper PA-38-112 A18SO SA3-00
Robinson R22, R22 Alpha, R22 Beta, R22 Mariner H10WE SA3-00
Robinson R44, R44 II H11NM SA3-00
Sky International (Christen Industries, Aviat, White International) A-1, A-1A, A-1B A22NM SA3-00
Stinson 108, 108-1 A 767 SA3-00-B
Stinson 108-2, 108-3 A-767 SA3-10-A
Swift ( Globe ) GC-1A, GC-1B A-766 SA3-00-B
TaylorCraft 2000 LLC BC, BC-65, BC12-65 (Army L-2H), BC12-D, BC12-D1, BC12D-4-85, BC12D-85, BCS, BCS-65, BCS12-65, BCS12-D, BCS12-D1, BCS12D-4-85, BCS12D-85 A-697 SA3-00
Taylorcraft F19, F21 1A9 SA3-00
Univair (Alon) A-2, A-2A, (Mooney) M10 A-787 SA3-00-B
Univair (Erco) 415-C, 415-CD A718 SA3-00
Univair (Erco) 415-D, E, ( Forney) F-1, F-1A A787 SA3-00