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Aircraft Spruce Payment Information from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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Credit / Debit Cards

Aircraft Spruce accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept Diner's Club. We do not allow multiple credit card payments for web orders. However, split credit card payments are accepted on phone (877-477-7823), email (Click Here), or will call orders at any location.

We prefer first time orders to ship to the same address as the credit card billing address. If this order is routed to management for approval, we will verify the address with the customer's bank. The billing address must match exactly before the order can be processed for shipment.

If the customer requests to ship to another address, we will first verify the billing address. If this address is correct, we will verify that the shipping address is also on file with the bank. If it is not, we request that the customer call his bank and advise them to add the alternate address to his file for verification. The customer will then notify us the address is on file with the bank. We will then call the bank and confirm. Once confirmed, the order will be released to ship. We may also, at our discretion, attempt to contact the cardholder by phone to confirm the order. If the alternate address is a hotel, we reserve the right to decline shipment until payment is received in full in advance and we confirm the customer name is registered with the hotel. We reserve the right to insist that any first time order ship to a verified billing address only.

We reserve the right to request an authorization on your credit card for the amount of the order at the time of order. When the order ships, we will settle and collect the amount of the order including but not limited to the merchandise, applicable taxes, freight, and/or ancillary charges and any authorized amounts in excess of the settled amount will be released. If your order is not able to ship before the authorization expires, you agree to allow us to settle that authorization to hold the parts for you until the order is ready for shipment. You agree to hold Aircraft Spruce harmless for any costs you incur due to over limit or insufficient funds as assessed by your credit card company or bank.


We accept PayPal payments (via our website only) provided that the shipping address is a PayPal confirmed address. PayPal is accepted for U.S., Canada & UK customers only.

Please note: PayPal payments cannot be combined with other payment methods. Orders through PayPal cannot be modified. You must cancel the order and place a new order if necessary.

  • Click here to learn more about Paypal.
  • Click here to learn more about what a PayPal "Confirmed" address is.
  • Click here to learn more on how to "Confirm" an address with PayPal.
Not sure if your address is "Confirmed"? You can check if your address is confirmed by logging in to this page. PayPal Confirmed addresses will be marked as "Confirmed" in the STATUS column.

Note: We do not accept eChecks (bank account payments) via PayPal unless you have a valid credit card attached to your account (for back-up purposes). PayPal may therefore ask you to add a valid credit card to your account for you to complete your order with us. Click here to learn more.

PayPal Customer Service can be reached at 888-221-1161 and will be able to help you verify if your address is confirmed. They can also assist you in setting up the information correctly on your account.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Customers are able to order COD but are subject to applicable UPS COD charges, additional handling ($5.00), plus regular shipping charges. Please note that Aircraft Spruce prepaid shipping policies do not apply to COD orders. First time COD orders are acceptable paid by money order or certified funds only.


Checks are accepted for all orders by phone (877-477-7823), email (Click Here), or at any will call location. However, checks are not accepted on web orders.

Wire Transfer

You may place an order by phone or email and pay by wire transfer. First, contact our sales staff with your parts list and destination address. They will then send you a proforma quote including all applicable charges. The banking details for sending the wire transfer will be on the proforma quote. Once we receive the funds, we will release your order for shipment.

Open Accounts (Net Terms)

Aircraft Spruce has long served many companies, schools and gov ernment agencies on an open account basis. Established companies can apply for an open account by submitting a credit application including all company data and at least three business references and bank in for mation. Credit application forms available on request. Open account terms are net 15 days after invoice date.