Grypmat Non-Slip Anti-Static Tool Mat - Large With Handles

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The Larger GrypMat 12" x 22" is for the heavy duty GA Mechanic who needs more; more dedicated space and more organization, just like having an extra set of hands on site with you. With its special feature of 17 Inch & 40 Cm built in ruler, it is sure to be the number 1 addition to any mechanic's tool bin. It is made from proprietary, rubberized, flexible, non-marring, non-slip, anti-static material, and allows the 9 individually separated compartments to keep tools & both small & larger parts organized while working on the aircraft.

GrypMat works where other tool trays wont, such as the curved surfaces found on aircraft wings and bodies.

Using GrypMat reduces Foreign Object Damage (FOD), lowers maintenance times, prevents scratches and damage, and helps mechanics do their jobs.


  • Prevents scratching of surface
  • Aids in tool accountability
  • High friction design grips surface
  • Keep tools secure
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Anti-static rubberized material
  • Non-magnetic material
  • Non-flammable
  • -50F to 250F Tested
  • Resistant to Skydrol, MEK, JP8 and Hydraulic fluid


  • 12" x 22"



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