Kewlflow Portable Cooler

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Part# 13-15509
MFR Model# 6439


Exposing ones body to chilled water is a powerful means of removing heat energy and effectively cooling the body. Our KewlFlow™ system provides both stationary and portable versions. The static cooler plugs directly into the wall and provides hours of cooling relief. Our KewlFlow design can be deployed in a variety of settings and is a valuable tool in protecting against heat stress.

How it Works
The ice cooler or backpack that holds the ice and water can be easily refilled for continuous cooling over extended periods.

How to Activate
This cooler comes with a detailed instruction guide. For best results, combine both water and ice in the container and turn on system to begin circulating the cool water.
Who Uses This Technology ... anyone who works or recreates in warm weather
Best Conditions for Use ... any climate
How Are These Products Different ... stylish and portable


  • Includes 12V Adapter
  • 4 quarts
  • 6429C includes 6429 Vest and Cooler
  • 100% Nylon Carrying Case with spill proof inner cooler
  • Unit includes water reservoir, pump, and power source
  • Insulated tubing and manifolds enable maximal cooling
  • Easy to use quick connectors allow for convenient operation
  • Can operate with variable power sources (battery, 12V, 110AC)
  • Cooling Duration: Up to 3 hours
  • Typical users include surgeons, motorcyclists, and others needing personal cooling relief



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