Aircraft Logs Online Annual Piston Single Management Package

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Part# 13-06136
MFR Model# XX-00003


If you're like most private pilots, your time is limited. was designed for you. Aircraft management packages from are a perfect fit for private pilots, with many time-saving features:

Pilot Control Panel: From one screen, you get a snapshot of your flight readiness, aircraft status, and a quick and easy place to post flights.

Online Logbooks:
Our pilot logbook manages all of your flight data and keeps you informed. It provides much more than paper-based logbooks.

Currency Alerts:
Pilot currency is monitored automatically; you receive email alerts and can customize your notification periods.

Record keeping support: provides live telephone and e-mail support User-Defined Maintenance

User-Defined Maintenance Tracking:
Automatically track maintenance for any items you specify: inspections, oil changes or AD's. Upcoming maintenance generates email alerts for you and your maintenance provider. You can track as many items as you wish.

Squawk Tracker:
Track and share all discrepancies for your aircraft, and automatically send squawk info to your maintenance provider.

Expense Log:
Maximize deductions, manage direct operating costs, or allocate costs among co owners. It's easy with user-defined expense and business categories.

Reporting Tools:
Extensive reports give you access to important information. Spreadsheet upload tools add flights and expenses from other data sources.

Transcription: With an annual subscription, AircraftLogs will enter your last two years flights in your paper logbook, saving your time and loading the data necessary to support FAA currency and insurance requirements.

Logins: Includes three logins - you plus two others.

AircraftLogs allows you to safeguard, organize, and simplify your maintenance logs, expense records and flight records. You will have secure and instant access to your records anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also provide secure access to other pilots, your employees, your maintenance providers and others you authorize.

A revolutionary solution for managing flight logs, maintenance records and financial information is just a few clicks away. You have secure and instant access to your records from any Internet connection. Provide secure access to "other pilots,emp|oyees or maintenance providers.

Finally, there's a solution to managing aircraft that fits the needs of private aircraft owners.

Note: Annual subscriptions include 2 years of logbook transcription



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