Piper PA-18 3/8 Piper U Channel - 6 Ft

Part# 05-04564
MFR Model# U750-285


Mild Steel


The U channel came for the second time today. The shipping tube was broken again. The U channel is salvageable for the sections I need. I am disappointed in the shipper (UPS), twice the material was damaged with no blame to Aircraft Spruce. Im not sure what the fix is, but UPS is dropping the ball , my opinion.

Michael H
September 6, 2019

One of the three pieces was found bent. It was packed well , so I assume it was bent before packaging. Luckily it was still suitable for my needs.

Northwood A
October 15, 2020


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Q: What is the material thickness? What is the weight per foot of length?

0.13 lb per foot or .80 lb per 6'pc. Dimensions are 3/8"x3/8" wall thicknes of .30.

Q: Is the wall thickness .032 or .020 thick? Also, is the price per foot or for a 6' piece?

The wall thickness on this material is .020. The price listed is for a 6 ft piece.

Q: Does this have rounded shoulders? Or sharp edges like the photo? Traditionally it has rounded shoulders.

Per the vendor: These used to have rounded edges, but they are now sharp.

Q: Is it made out of 4130?

Mild steel, 1010-1020.

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