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Part# 03-15900


Starter Kit - An assortment of 4130 tubing, rod and bar in short lengths to practice welding. At least 15 ft. of tubing in assorted sizes and wall thicknesses. Furnished subject to availability of cutoffs.

Mfg certs available, must be requested in shopping cart at checkout for additional charge.


Excellent selection - very happily surprised at the array of tubing in both boxes. Thanks.

Mark T
March 24, 2021

Great selection of 4130, works well on odd jobs.

Barry H
May 23, 2020

Thank you, the Bargain Bag of 4130 Chrome-Moly tubing is just what I was looking for to use as practice with my TIG welder. I wanted to get some welding time in and work with my tube coping unit for good fit-up.

Bob F
April 23, 2020

Nice assortment of sizes, wall thickness. Mostly round with a few square and even some chunks of streamline tubing. Theyre all about a foot long or so, maybe a little less, just right for learning to cut, cope and weld tubing.

Dale B
November 24, 2018

Nice assortment of tubing for welding practice. Even a couple pieces of streamline tubing, and a couple pieces of square tube.

Patrick H
September 27, 2018

Just what it is described as being and just what I was looking for to practice weld on. In my assortment their were even a couple of pieces of streamline tubing and some bushing stock.

David M
July 29, 2018

Just like the description. Great for welding practice and misc inventory for quick fixes.

Robert L
July 10, 2017

Came with a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses. Even scored a slice of aero tube. Perfect for practicing welds.

Tom K
March 10, 2017

I have bought this product for years and it was a Good buy. The amount keeps getting smaller but not the price. The size they are sending is great if you worked on mufflers. The price charged is about $1.00 lb. not bad for steel scraps that brings less than $.10 lb. if you dont have to pay to haul it away. I always enjoyed seeing what they had shipped..

Don M
January 10, 2019

I ordered a bargain bag of 4130 several years ago and it was great -- a good assortment of some nice long thinner-walled tubing to practice on. I used it to build a third hand and an articulating clamp for my welding table, while practicing. Now that Im about to start in earnest on my engine mount, I ordered another bargain bag to hone my skills. I was very disappointed when it arrived. Its all very thick-walled tubing. Almost all of it is 1 1/2 inch x .0937 -- HEAVY STUFF that youd never use in an aircraft. Maybe if I were building a dune buggy. Theres not a single piece even close to the diameter or thickness of a typical tube used in an engine mount. Dang. And its all cut to an even 12 inches so that itll fit in their box for cheaper shipping -- and even though the shipping cost was way more than the tubing. So no longer pieces that I might be able to use for something else around the house. The box was heavy, to be sure -- and bashed in on all sides. I frankly dont think Ill ever make use of these short heavy pieces. Its certainly not going to help in practicing fine TIG skills for my engine mount. But itll cost more to send it back than its worth. :-/

Greg R
June 9, 2021


Q: How much does this item weigh?

These bargain bags of 4130 tubing can vary in weight depending on the exact mix of sizes. Generally though, they weigh approximately 15 lbs.

Q: Can a request be made for a range of smaller diameters of tubing & wall thicknesses (appropriate for light aircraft as opposed to automotive applications), or is it strictly you get what you get?

The sizes are random and are based on cutoffs we have from full orders. We cannot guarantee particular size ranges on orders of bargain bag tubing.

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