Panasonic Lc-R127R2P Backup Rechargeable Battery - 12 Volts

Part# 11-17583
MFR Model# TR1


Panasonic Battery; Rechargeable; Rectangular; Lead Acid; 12VDC; 7.2Ah; Quick Disconnect:0.187; LC.

Panasonic's tough-sealed lead-acid (SLA) rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over-discharge and resisting vibration and shock. Compact, these batteries save installation space while providing full and reliable power. The use of special sealing epoxies, tongue-and-groove case construction, long-sealing paths for posts and connectors assures that the battery will offer exceptional leak resistance and allows them to be used in any position.


  • High Quality and Reliability
  • Excellent Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery System
  • Excellent Deep Discharge Recovery
  • Long Service Life Float or Cyclic
  • Starved Electrolyte Leakproof Design
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • UL Component Recognition
  • No Corrosive Gas Generation
  • Use for Portable Equipment
  • Charge, Discharge or Store in Any Position
  • Use for Power Failure Backup, Emergencies
  • No Memory Effect


  • Alternate Mfr Part Number: LEAD-12V-7.2P
  • Capacity: 7.2 Ah
  • Classification: Rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.54 x 3.94" (140x65x100mm)
  • Jacket Material: Non-Conductive ABS Plastic
  • Product Header: Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery
  • Series: LC Series
  • Size: Rectangular
  • Tab Type: Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries
  • Termination: Quick Disconnect: 0.187
  • Voltage Rating: 12 V
  • Weight: 5.45 lbs (2.47kg)


  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Wheelchairs
  • Telecom Back-Up Power Supplies
  • Portable VCRs
  • Lawn and Garden Tools
  • Engine Starters



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