Flying on Fabric

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Part# 13-24284
MFR Model# 978-1491791219


As if being thirteen wasnít hard enough, Ann Wilson has just moved to Indiantown, FL where she knows no one. In an effort to fit in with a gang of rambunctious boys, Ann accepts a dare to sneak into the hangar of a local crop duster and steal something. Ann manages to nab a rusty screwdriver after sneaking into the hangar. She mistakenly thinks she has been successful until the cantankerous old crop duster, Jack, catches her in the act causing her to accidently damage his plane while making her escape.

Jack demands Ann repair the damage to the plane and be arrested. Ann stubbornly maintains it was an accident. The local police chief, an old friend of Annís mother, brokers a deal where Ann will work in Jackís hangar to pay of her debt as a form of punishment. Neither Ann nor Jack are happy, but with a little arm twisting from both the chief and Annís mother, they both go along with the deal.

After Ann reluctantly shows up for her punishment, she learns that Jackís son died in World War II and that Jack blames himself for his sonís death. When the boys return and tease Ann about being caught, she is too proud to admit it and impulsively tells then Jack is going to teach her to fly. The boys scoff at her which only makes Ann more determined to find a way to convince Jack to overcome his grief and help her to learn how to fly.

Flying on Fabric is an engaging story about a young girlís determined quest to learn how to fly, but only if she can help a grouchy old crop duster find it in his heart to teach her.



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