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Sensenich Metal Propeller 74DM6-0-58 - Cosmetic Blemish

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Part# 99-01666


Note: Unit was returned by previous customer. Small cosmetic blemish on propeller hub. No nicks or scratches on blades. Actual photos in gallery above.
Sensenich's 74DM6 Aluminum Propeller is designed for use on Lycoming O-290 and O-320 engines from 125 to 165 Horsepower. This propeller is used on aircraft such as Beech, Bellanca, and numerous Piper aircraft.

It is available in a number of different pitches to match your aircraft’s speed profile. This propeller comes without a spacer and is drilled for 3/8″ attaching bolts.

This blade was designed for medium horsepower Lycoming engines in aircraft with a speed range of 120 – 170 MPH. Check with your aircraft manufacturer for a spinner for your particular aircraft.

All Sensenich aluminum propellers are manufactured from 2025 forged aluminum. The propellers are CNC machined and hand-finished to very tight tolerances. Each propeller then goes through a rigid 56 point inspection to assure you of the highest quality, most problem free propeller available. All aluminum propellers are vibration tested before being approved for use on any engine.


  • 80″ x 8″ x 6″ Dims in box
  • 42 lbs weight for shipping


  • FAA Certified
  • Forged Aluminum

In The Box

  • Comes Complete with 3/8″ Attaching Bolts



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