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Deal of the Day from Aircraft Spruce from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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Date: Friday - 10/19/2018
Part No: 12-03693


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This standard driver is loaded with 7 double end Professional quality bits. This assortment provides the 14 most popular tips for driving screws. The shaft opening also serves as 1/4" hex driver. Retractable Bit Cartridge™
  • Cartridge pulls out from inside the Screwdriver handle
  • Convenient storage area with built-in clips for seven double ended bits
  • Allows for easy selection and quick change of required bits
Palm Saver Cap™
  • Cap stays stationary while turning the handle
  • Allows for one-handed use of the screwdriver
  • Largest cap surface in the industry for hand tools, does not blister the palm of your hand
EZ-Guide™ Collar
  • Provides great control
  • Maintains alignment between the screwdriver and the fastener – essential when starting to drive a screw
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