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Date: Wednesday - 01/16/2019
Part No: 14-02840


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Bose Aviation X Headset (Panel Powered with Straight Cord)

**Units is used. Condition is "like new". Earseals and mic muff were replaced. Tested perfectly for functionality. This particular headset looks brand new.**

25 years of research, Bose® has developed a better solution—TriPort® headset technology. This patented innovation enables a smaller, more comfortable headset that delivers full-spectrum noise reduction.

Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset technology contributes to this high level of noise reduction. It monitors sound at the ear, identifies unwanted noise and creates an out-of-phase signal to reduce it. Their active equalization circuitry also delivers clean, full sound that improves the intelligibility of radio and intercom audio. In fact, U.S. Air Force tests with Bose headsets achieved intelligibility scores of 95% at 115db compared to 80% for conventional headsets.

Whether you’re a general aviator or helicopter pilot, comfort counts. That’s why Bose® designed the Headset X with 50% less clamping force than most active noise reduction headsets. The solid magnesium headband is extremely lightweight yet durable. The sheepskin cushion eliminates hot spots, and soft, padded ear cushions provide an effective seal—even over glasses. The result is superior noise reduction in a comfortable headset that weighs only 12 ounces.

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