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Tana Wire Markers

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The Model JX, is easy to install, having only four bolts to clamp it to the wire, and has a larger contact area with the wire for a more secure attachment.

This Marker also installs easily on any wire 1/8" - 1" (Custom wire sizes are available) through the use of two UV resistant neoprene strip bushings installed on the wire to match the diameter of the openings (boss) in the Marker. The Marker is then securely bolted around the wire, clamping down on the bushings.

This Marker is appropriate for neutral wires, guy wires, and conductor wires up to 69KV only. Color: Intl. Orange.


amazing product much better then the others

Quincy S
February 11, 2021


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Q: With tape, without tape? The description does not mention anything about a tape.

This refers to reflective tape. With reflective tape will have a reflective tape band and the without tape version will be the marker only.

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