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Boost Oxygen is a convenient, lightweight, and portable 95% pure Aviatorís Breathing Oxygen. Perfect for hikers, athletes, and GA pilots flying at high altitude (but still below 12,000 feet), Boost can help you out on your next trip.

Instructions for use:
  • Place mask under the nose and over the mouth.
  • Press trigger down to activate flow.
  • Breathe deeply through the mouth.
    Case Quantities:
  • Pocket Size: Case of 10 Units
  • Medium: Case of 12 Units
  • Large: Case of 12 Units
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Great product

Kimberley P Verified Purchase


June 9, 2021

Product is as expected and really like the results of added energy from using.

Janet M Verified Purchase


May 26, 2021

Five star product. Five star service!

Leonard M
January 12, 2021

Great service as always

Peter O
November 30, 2020

Crazy fast! Like 2 days. Couldnt find this anywhere for a better price.

Robert J
October 13, 2020

Brotha this produc be fly ! Dont make no dif if Im flyin or gettin my groove on, cupull hits of this an yu be smoooth...

Joe C
September 23, 2020

Extremely fast delivery!!! Great product! First time users! Very pleased .

Leda P
April 16, 2020

The product arrived on time and in excellent condition. This is a reliable vendor. I will do business with them again.

Robert D
March 8, 2020

I need to use when going to ski hill watching my twins lung injury. Strong oxygen5or6 streanth

November 22, 2019

Works as expected. Ships fast!

July 28, 2019


Q: What is the shelf life of the Natural Boost Oxygen?

The shelf life of this item is 5 years.

Q: How much does the 22oz. can weigh?

0.29 lbs.

Q: Just wondering if I can use it to help alleviate the worst of a migraine attack? Also, is it 100% pure oxygen?

Yes, it is pure oxygen. We are unsure if this has headache relieving properties.

Q: How do I know when the Natural Boost Oxygen can is empty? Is it refillable, and if so, how?

The can will no longer emit any oxygen when it is empty. It is clear and noticeable when the can is empty. These are single use and cannot be refilled.

Q: Are all of these Natural Boost Oxygen cans single use?

Yes, these cans are single use. You depress the trigger to release the oxygen, but once the can is empty, you cannot refill it.

Q: 1. Do you have to buy a separate mask or does the top of the can turn into a mask? 2. My mom is flying 4 hours back and fourth. What size is recommended and would I have to buy two separate can for each way?

You use the top of the can to breathe in the oxygen. No separate mask is needed. Size of bottle depends on how often it is used. This product is not intended for consistent flow of oxygen. It is intended to used for individual breaths of oxygen.

Q: If a deep breath is taken, roughly how many breathes per large can....(ball park #)

Per the can, it is good for roughly 200 x 1 second inhalations.

Q: Can you take natural boost on an international plane flight? Is it approved by the TSA?

No, TSA does not allow them on the planes.

Q: Is it available for pickup in store?

Yes, we carry these cannisters in each of our locations for pick up.

Q: Would this type of O2 delivery system work in an emergency if I started getting carbon monoxide in the cockpit before I can land?

It could be used for that, although it required manual operation meaning your ability to pilot the aircraft could be inhibited. It is more for recreational use at high altitudes and is not design specifically for emergency situations. We recommend a built in O2 system for this purpose.

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