+$875 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 10-03360
MFR Model# 23-501-06-16


The 5000B is an air-driven gyro that has a pictorial horizon mask and fixed airplane. The mask moves to indicate climb, dive, and bank. Bank and pitch attitudes are displayed so that the pilot’s sensing of the gyro indication is the same as the interpretation of the relation between the wings of the aircraft and the natural horizon during visual flight.

This instrument is FAA certified, and can be used to replace the aircraft’s turn coordinator when equipped with an inclinometer.

The Standard configuration can replace most air driven gyros with the major difference being in the layout and colors of the display.

NOTE: Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please see accessories to purchase separately.

Core Exchange Notes:

Exchange core must be returned no later than 30 days from the invoice date to receive core credit.

Only like cores are accepted: Any 5000B series Sigma Tek core as exchange for a 5000B-36. Sigma-Tek must be on the nameplate.


  • Height: 3.38"
  • Width: 3.38"
  • Depth: 7.35"
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs. max.
  • Markings: Matte white
  • Finish: Dull black
  • Temperature: -30° to 50° C
  • Vibration: CPS: 5 to 50
  • Maximum Double Amplitude: 0.020 in.
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1.5 G's
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% at 32° C
  • Altitude: 0 to 40,000 ft.
  • Warning Flag: No
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Great service on time. No problem.

Ronald M Verified Purchase


April 4, 2024

Ronald M Verified Purchase


March 29, 2024

Easy ordering, quick delivery, proper product.

Charles B Verified Purchase


March 16, 2023

Received and installed in aircraft. AI is unstable and noisy. Contacted Aircraft Spruce for replacement on warranty but was told it can take weeks for settlement and Im forced to purchase a second one in the meantime.

Quikway A Verified Purchase


January 31, 2023

Looked brand new, fast shipping, all the return postage for the core was in the box ready to go. So far the gyro works great!

Jc K
May 31, 2018


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Q: Who is actually does the overhaul on the Sigma Tek 5000B-36 Gyros? Is it Sigma Tek?

Yes, the overhaul is done at Sigma-Tek.

Q: How much is the core charge?

You can add 10-03360 (Sigma-Tek Factory O/H 5000B-36) to your cart and it will then show you the current core charge.

Q: Is this overhauled Sigma-Tek Attitude Gyro 5000B-36 unit TSO'd? I plan on using this on a certified aircraft.

Per Sigma-Tek: Yes, this unit is TSO'd.

Q: Is this an electric gauge?

This is a vacuum gauge.

Q: Is this unit equal to the EDO AIRE 52D67 who connects to the autopilot?

No, this 5000B-36 is a vacuum attitude driven attitude indicator with no autopilot connection.

Q: Does the Sigma-Tek 5000B-36 have a flag for vacuum fail?

The -36 version does not have this feature.

Q: Will Sigma-Tek accept a 5000E-8 as a core? I have a stec 55 auto pilot so I no longer require the auto pilot feature from the Attitude Indicator.

No, because the Sigma-tek 5000B-36 is an overhauled unit the 5000E-8 can not be used as a core. If you purchase a new unit you may use this as a core.

Q: I'm replacing a 5000B-10. Will this work? Also light p/n lw3014aa was installed with it. That light still works. Will it be fine for this one too? I am thinking I don't need to purchase a light.

Yes, the 5000B-36 is a direct replacement for the 5000B-10. The Nulite lighting will also work for this instrument.

Q: Is this Sigma-Tek Overhauled Attitude Gyro 5000B-36 FAA approved and does it come with certification paperwork?

Yes, this unit is TSO approved and includes the approval paperwork.

Q: What is the highest altitude this Sigma-Tek gyro 5000B-36 will operate?

Altitude: 0 to 40,000 ft.

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