Part# 10-02257
Model No.Part NumberRangeBarometric
ALT6MEMB-310-022576,000 meter, MillibarsYesNo3


1. Three Pointer Altimeter with Barometric Window and Low Altitude Warning Stripes is a modern type. The easy to read striped sector will show while flying below 16,000 ft.

2. Three Pointer Altimeter with a Barometric Window enables the pilot to adjust the altimeter to the barometric conditions existing at the point of landing.

3. Two Pointer Altimeter without Barometric Window. This type of altimeter is designed to meet the demands of some pilots who either live or fly the area’s barometric pressure beyond 28.1 to 31 inches of mercury, or 950 to 1050 millibars, or some pilots prefer to set the altimeter to”0” altitude before taking off without regard to the barometric pressure. By installing this altimeter, the pilot can fly anywhere in the world without having to care about the barometric pressure changes.

Size: 3 1/8"
Weight: 1.4 lbs. or 592g

Made in China


Saeed A
June 8, 2019

The altimeter reading seems to shake. The hundreds of feet arm isnt stable. When you set the pressure its about 200 ft off

Craig R
February 1, 2021

The altimeter read 80’ off the compared with two other altimeters at field elevation with current baro setting. The correction sheet was not accurate for field elevation, and had deviations at 100+ feet or some altitudes. Didn’t even install it.

Steven B
January 8, 2019


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Q: Is part number 10-02256, Falcon Altimeter supplied with instrument calibration test results.

Per Falcon, the 3-1/8 Sensitive Altimeters come with instrument calibration test results.

Q: Are any of the Falcon altimeters TSO'd for certified aircraft?

No. All Falcon altimeters are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: What is the depth of model 10-02204?

The Falcon 3-1/8 Sensitive Altimeter is 3.5 inches deep.

Q: Do these Falcon altimeters come with anything saying its airworthy, such as an 8130?

These altimeters are not FAA Approved. They are intended for use in experimental aircraft only. 8130 forms cannot be provided.

Q: What is the difference between a sensitive and a non sensitive altimeter?

Non-Sensitive altimeters have a 1000-foot scale (200-foot tick marks) as their most precise display. Sensitive altimeters have a 100-foot scale (20-foot tick marks) as their most precise display.

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