Part# 09-05645
MFR Model# 8-4003
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Base: Quart09-05645


An excellent clear gloss epoxy varnish for interior and exterior use. It provides superior weather durability and excellent chemical and solvent resistance. Can be used over a one component varnish primer if desired. Mixing ratio is 2 parts base, 1 part catalyst. Can be ordered as a kit which includes base, catalyst and reducer, or each component separately.
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The varnish is 100% as expected, so five stars. But note that despite the picture, this is ONLY the varnish. The catalyst and reducer are not included and must be purchased separately.

Jeffery W Verified Purchase


August 10, 2021

Make sure to purchase pumps with this. Makes use so easy.

Mitchell I
April 29, 2021

Easy to use. Good stuff

Duane R
June 1, 2020

Used it for the first time when re-varnishing some original wooden spars for a J-3 restoration. We just sanded off most of the old varnish as best we could, wiped off the dust with a clean, damp rag and then next day applied the Poly-Fiber varnish directly over the old finish and it worked exactly as they said it would - no reaction between the old and the new finish, no de-laminating, no fish-eye... it just worked perfectly. AAA+

Dan J
November 9, 2019

great product, swift service

H. S
July 25, 2019

I like the product other than the price. The reducer appears to corrode the can its supplied in. For the second time, I had a can of reducer leak in my paint locker. The spilled reducer removed the protective coating from the cans of polybrush, polyspray etc. It came in contact with. I now have half a kit of ev400 but no reducer. Again, the last 2 kits I purchased both cansof reducer leaked out of corroded cans. Perhaps a better container is needed.

Perfectly P
October 12, 2023


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Q: Can the stits epoxy varnish ev-400 / ev-410 be used over polyurethane?

Yes, with the proper preparation, it will adhere to polyurethane.

Q: Can this Stits Epoxy Varnish EV-400 / EV-410 be used over wood?

Yes, it is designed to replace one part wood varnish. This 2-part epoxy varnish is a much better product.

Q: I have wood spars and ribs, and am wanting to glue my ribs to the spars with T-88. Do I need to leave the wood bare or can they be covered the the EV-400? Will the T-88 adhere to the cured EV-400?

Per the vendor: Though it can be done, generally there is no benefit to epoxy sealing the wood components prior to bonding with T88. The T88 will perform very well by simply applying it to both surfaces and taking measures to not over clamp the joint.

Q: After the POLY-FIBER STITS EPOXY VARNISH EV-400 / EV-410 is curded will it be damaged by or react to MEK?

Epoxy varnish is chemical resistant, unless it is submerged in MEK for a long period of time it should not effect it.

Q: What temperature range can the Poly-Fiber Stits AV-400 varnish be applied?

This is best used at 70 degrees F. Any higher than this will take much reduction and lower than this will take ventilation to make sure the air is clear from someone breathing it in. On the low side the film may stay open for a long time and allow garbage in the film. On the high side, the reason for more reducer is to stop the film on top from sealing in solvent beneath; this causes bubbling.

Q: What does EV400/EV410 mean? Will this varnish be okay with T88?

EV400 is the varnish and EV410 is the catalyst, they need to be used together. This will work fine with T88.

Q: Can the Stits epoxy varnish ev400 and catalyst be used over stain and what kind..oil or water based?

Stain should not present a problem, either water based or solvent. Make sure the stain is fully dry before encapsulating. Keep in mind epoxy can not handle sun exposure. If outdoor function, urethane varnish would work better.

Q: How long can the kit components be stored and still be good to use?

Technically there is not a minimum temp. The colder it is the longer it will take to cure and ideally you would want to be as close to 77 degrees as possible. Just allow extra cure time the colder it gets.

Q: How long can the kit components be stored and still be good to use?

The Reducer and Varnish have four year shelf lives unopened.
The Catalyst has a two year shelf life unopened.
After they are opened, our ability to know is somewhat limited. Dependent upon the environment, how much material is left in the cans and how tight are the lids, they could last for a very long time. The Catalyst is most subject to deterioration with exposure to air, light, heat and moisture. You will know it has a problem if it turns to a very dark tea color.

Q: Can this varnish be used to re-seal the cork float in my Piper J-3 wire / float fuel indicator?

Per the vendor it could but it should not be allowed to soak in the fuel when the aircraft is parked. It may not be the best option for this application.

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