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SUPER CRUISER from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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The Super Cruiser is a 4-place aircraft with a cruise speed of 190 mph and a stall speed of 59 mph. The aircraft has a length of 25.46 ft. and wing span of 29 ft. It has a gross weight of 2500 lbs. and a useful load of 1100 lbs. The prototype is powered by a Cont. IO-360ES. Lycoming engines from 160-200 HP are recommended and build time is 1200-1500 hours. Aircraft Spruce is a prime supplier for materials used in Super Cruiser kits.

For further information contact:
Pulsar Aircraft Corp. S.A. de C.V.
Colonia Campestre, Pasaje 2 Casa 4
San Salvador, El Salvador
Ph: (503) 2263-8840 Fax: (503) 2263-8863
Noth American Inquires please call 1-305-395-3698

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