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Why use a MicroTim Digital Altimeter instead of a wristwatch, GPS, or a (big heavy expensive delicate) analog altimeter? MicroTim altimeters are NOT slow-update small-readout devices such as in typical GPS units and wristwatch altimeters.


  • Extreme sensitivity. Registers changes in altitude of 2 feet or less. Try that with your expensive, heavy, large, and delicate analog altimeter or GPS unit!
  • Calibrated from -2000 feet MSL (2000 feet BELOW sealevel) to +20000 feet MSL (20000 feet ABOVE sealevel).
  • Low Power. Single AAA battery lasts for months. Battery monitor gives several DAYS of low-battery notice< to prevent being caught on a trip with a dead battery.
  • One foot resolution, barometric-pressure and field-elevation adustable.
  • AGL(relative), MSL(sealevel) or BOTH alternately every 2 seconds.
  • Selectable units: feet/inHg or meter/kPa or feet/mbar(hPa).
  • Excellent ultralight altimeter or backup unit. Very popular with ultralight pilots because of MicroTim's light weight, small size and vibration resistance. Small (3"x1.5"x3/4") with large easy-to-read numbers (3/8" high numbers). Moves easily from truck to pocket to ultralight. Very durable (resin encapsulated internals), resists shock, vibration, and moisture.
  • EASY TO USE right out of the box. The 3 primary key functions allow you to o 1) Raise the barometric pressure setting o 2) Lower the barometric pressure setting o 3) Zero the ground-level altitude (AGL)
  • Then three additional functions are accessed by holding down one key for 5 seconds which allows you to o 4) Change units o 5) Change the display mode ( AGL, MSL, or BOTH) o 6) Reset MicroTim to factory defaults (AGL only, feet, 29.92 inHg). ...and that's all there is to it!
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Very easy to use and accurate. Minor Gripe, No light & No control of sleep time.

Hanford R
October 26, 2019

Fantastic unit, it does everything as advertised. Good battery life, must read all the instruction. Not back lighted for night

April 20, 2016

I have bought two of these altimeters, the first one is working fine no problem. The second one that I returned had a dead battery which I replaced, The battery kept wanting to pop up which made the case hard to close. I also noticed that the back cover was warped due to the pressure of the battery so there wasnt a tight seal around the cover. I also noticed that the second altimeter was not accurate as the first altimeter. It was off about two tenths of an inch from my own barometer, the first altimeter was right on the money.

Hanford R
February 1, 2020

Good little piece of equipment. Surprising amount of functions in such a small and lightweight package. Primarily got it as a vertical speed indicator. Very pleased with that function. Per the mfg website, they make different back plates that look useful for different mounting options. Going to make a replacement that is wider, so I can Velcro or zip-tie this onboard. You need to unscrew the back plate to replace the battery, so the mount needs to be fairly easy to remove. Only reason to not give full five stars is that it is a bit difficult to read in bright sunlight, Also experimenting with a UMA 2 1/4 VSI and its flat black-and-white analog dial is easier to read at a glance. Otherwise, this is a good value for the price.

October 3, 2019


Q: How is the Microtim Barometric Altimeter attached to the instrument panel?

The Microtim Barometric Altimeter is not desined to be mounted in the panel as there are no mounting holes for the unit. One solution to attach this to a panel is using velcro.

Q: Is the Microtim Barometric Altimeter a certified calibrated altimeter? Can it be calibrated?

No, this unit is not certified. It can be calibrated from -2000 feet MSL to +20000 feet MSL.

Q: Does it have an attachment for a static line?

No. There are no external ports on this unit. It is self-contained.

Q: Can I save the output data or voltage on a pc or data logger and if yes is this saved with the time?

No. This unit does not record/log data.

Q: Does this unit come with a wrist strap?

No, there is no wrist strap included.

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