Whelen Parmetheus™ Plus Super LED Replacement Lights - 14V PAR 46

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FAA-PMA Approved
Parmetheus PAR-46 Super-LED lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated halogen lamps. PMA Approved, Lightweight, low-current and moisture resistant, they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. The PAR 46 assemblies have an impressive 80% brighter output than the original Parmetheus Series.

LED lighting is the ideal technology for aviation applications. Whelen LED lights are time and field-tested for reliability and long-life performance under the tough conditions required by Fire, Emergency, DOT and Law Enforcement professionals around the world.



  • Moisture resistant providing stable light output for 10,000 hours of trouble-free operating.
  • Direct replacement for outdated PAR-46 Halogen lamps.
  • Available in a Landing version.
  • Convenient “Drop-In” design for ease of installation:
  • Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals.
  • Weight is virtually identical to previous PAR-46 lamps.
  • Assembly design includes clocking notch.
  • Polycarbonate, replaceable, hard-coated outer lens.
  • Low current and lightweight
  • Metal, heat dissipating coated housing.
  • Whelen TIR™ (Total Internal Reflector) technology, combining spot and flood optical combination, resulting in superior in intensity and effectiveness.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Five year warranty.


  • Type: Landing (Spot Light, 10 degree horizontal, 10 degree vertical)
  • Unit weighs only 1 lb / 454 gm, virtually identical to previous PAR-46 lamps
  • Five-year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional warranty
  • White LED; clear hardcoated polycarbonate
  • 5.65" round by 2.25" face to screw terminal
  • 2.6 Amps at 14 VDC


So much brighter than the standard halogen globe landing light I had in my Mooney 201. The PAR46 light was easy to install and a direct replacement - went without a hitch. Great light and draws significantly less amps than the halogen.

May 1, 2021

Perfect fit, VERY bright, low amp draw. Should have done this long ago.

March 30, 2021

Easy installation, works great so far. Way brighter than the regular landing light bulb.

March 29, 2021

Yes, LED is worth the price! First night we got a comment from another aircraft 5+ miles away that thought our Mooney was an airliner. Never have to worry if it’s burned out or not when we need it in a busy terminal area.

January 17, 2021

Outstanding light. Drop in replacement for OEM light. Expensive but worth the money when you’re ready for an upgrade.

November 27, 2020

I returned this item but have not seen the refund in my paypal account.

David C
July 8, 2020

Finally had a night landing and all I can say is WOW, compared to my previous GE bulb! I could see the runway much further out and the beam width is perfect! Runs so cool & low power, I leave it on during my entire flight…well daytime anyway…I mean why not right? LED lights should be your first upgrade!

Sherman C
December 15, 2018

Works great. Much brighter than my old light.

Thomas J
December 14, 2018

Good light. Expensive but good. Fit right in.

April 29, 2018

Rocket A
October 13, 2017


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Q: Is the 10 degree beam on the par plus 46 wide enough to be used whenever flying as a anti collision light?

The manufacturer of part number 11-12980 does not recommend using this light as an anti-collision light.

Q: What is the difference between this lamp and the Whelen PLED461L? Thank you.

The Wheelen parmetheus plus part number 11-12980 is an upgrade from the parmethus super part number 11-09523. The Led's are different and have a greater light output.

Q: Is the part number 11-12980 a replacement for 01-0790750-10?

Yes, we purchase our part number 11-12980 under the Whelen part # 01-0790750-10.

Q: I want to replace the GE-4522 with an LED. I think the WHELEN PARMETHEUS PLUS SUPER LED REPLACEMENT LIGHTS - 14V PAR 46 (your Part # 11-12980 ) is the appropriate replacement but I want to be sure it is the right one before I place an order.

Yes, the GE-4522 is a PAR 46 lamp. The Whelen Parmetheus Plus (part # 11-12980) is a PAR 46 as well. Both are 14v. You are correct, 11-12980 is the correct LED replacement for your lamp.

Q: I have a PA_24-250: Is this the correct replacement? When we order 2, I need 1 taxi, 1 landing. Can it be used as both or are they 2 different part numbers?

Yes, this is the correct light for your aircraft as this is stated on the STC in the documents tab. This can be used for both landing and taxi light.

Q: Will these Parmetheus Plus Super LEDs work with a wig wag system? I only use the wig wag on take off and landing.

Yes, this will work with a wig wag module.

Q: What are the specs on this WAT Parmetheus Plus PAR 46 LED light? Brightness? Lumens? Candela? Candlelight power?

This light has 105,000 beam candlepower.

Q: Is a rubber gasket necessary? The Par 46 will not fit into the housing on my Cessna 172L with the gasket on it. Tried soap as suggested in the install instructions but no joy.

The install guide notes, "if required install the rubber gasket." It is not required on all installs.

Q: My Cessna 172L has a single 4522 Par 46 landing light in the cowl. Question: This landing light (Spot - 10 degrees horizontal and vertical beam) has the Whelen TIR (Total Internal Reflector) technology which combines both spot and flood optical properties, resulting in superior in intensity and effectiveness. What does this mean? Is there some residual flood reflection casting a wider yet dimmer additional beam to assist in taxiing?

The reference to the TIR optic means that the light has some peripheral light that will give off extra illumination as a taxi light yet the main beam of the light is 10 degrees and is utilized a spot / landing light. Being that there are 18 LEDs in this assembly it will also have some extra light from the edges of each TIR to work as a taxi light.

Q: I purchased a LED landing light in the past, part number 11-12981. Is there a new number for this one?

Yes, this has been replaced with part # 11-19156.