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Cab-O-Sil is a fumed lightweight silica thickener used to reduce the flow of epoxies on vertical surfaces, as well as filling pinholes with its smooth texture.



Great product.

Frederick P
October 20, 2020

Cab-o-sil is a known product to us since our university days when we worked on conductive elastomers for the US Navy. Its made by Cabot Chemical out of Boston so you know its an excellent product for thickening solutions and epoxies or as an anticaking agent. Wouldnt use any other brand of fumed silica Cab-o-sil continues to be tops.

Joe G
November 7, 2019

Arrived as ordered. Thanks

David C
September 6, 2019

Just what I needed. Works good

June 21, 2018

Excellent service and delivery. Easy to purchase a variety of amounts of this product at good prices.

Rodney P
March 2, 2018


Q: What specific grade of Cab-o-sil is this product?

Per the manufacturer, this is M5 Grade.

Q: How much does a gallon of Cab-o-sil weigh? Part # 01-04711

A 1 gallon bag of cab-o-sil weighs approximately 0.5 lbs.

Q: Can a small bag of CABOSIL be supplied with manufacturer certs?

Yes, certs are available for the Cab-O-Sil and can be purchased at the time of order.

Q: We recently purchased 2 Gallons of Cab-O-Sil, is there an MSDS sheet available?

Yes, we have added the PDF to the Documents tab of the web page. Please review them there.

Q: Is there a shelf life on cab-o-sil [unopened/opened]?

Shelf life is 2 yrs stored at room temperature.

Q: How much do you add to the CAB-O-SIL resin?

Use as much filler needed to get the thickness required for the application. There is not a general formula or ratio to go by.

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