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ASA Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep

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Part# 13-06051


A comprehensive video ground school to prepare you for the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam. Includes Prepware CD!

Includes FREE 24-month access to Prepware Online.

Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer DVD player. Includes Private Pilot Prepware.

With Virtual Test Prep, you can learn the material you need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam and gain the information you need to be a safe, competent and confident pilot. This is not just another question and answer review. It's an in-depth, comprehensive ground school that will prepare you for the FAA Knowledge Exam and the cockpit. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make Virtual Test Prep a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience that helps you prepare for the exams.

Watch the DVD to learn the subjects, then use the included ASA Prepware software to work through the questions, for a comprehensive aviation ground school. Graduation certificate and instructor endorsement (sign-off) available from ASA for no additional cost upon completion of the course.

Package also includes a bonus DVD with over 2 hours of interviews, insights, and inspiration from some of the industry’s leaders in aviation education, including Tom Horne, Barry Schiff, Bob Gardner, Paul Hamilton, Laurel Lippert, Steve Casner, Dorothy Schick, and Bruce Williams. These experienced aviators and notable subject experts also discuss their hard-learned lessons throughout the course, providing an entertaining outlook and rare opportunity to watch and listen as consummate aviators share their knowledge, wealth of experience and invaluable wisdom.

DVD program contents:
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Regulations
  • Procedures and Airport Operations
  • Weather
  • Weather Services
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Enroute Flight
  • Navigation
  • Communication Procedures


  • On-screen aviation mentors coach students with the use of top-notch instructional aids, training technologies, and real-world training tips for a dynamic learning environment.
  • More than 10 hours of ALL NEW high-quality DVD presentation brings students all the information they need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam, with the flexibility of DVD instantaneous control.
  • Real-world in-flight video provides focused and exciting learning.
  • Meets 14 CFR Part 61 home study requirements and the organization makes it an easy addition to any classroom-style ground school.
  • DVD instantaneous control lets students navigate directly to the part of the lesson corresponding to a specific subject in the ASA Test Prep.
  • Includes Prepware Test Prep Software CD with all the FAA test questions, answers and explanations for true-to-form test practice.
  • Graduation certificate with instructor sign-off (endorsement) available from ASA upon completion of the course.
  • Includes Free Bonus DVD with over 2 hours of interviews with industry experts. Provides a rare opportunity to watch and listen to these consummate aviators share their knowledge, wealth of experience and invaluable wisdom.
  • Courses available in this series: Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Helicopter.


  • Version 3
  • Includes DVDs and Prepware software CD-ROM
  • Weight 1.20 lbs
  • Runtime 10 hours 54 minutes 11 seconds
  • System Requirements: For DVDs, Television or computer DVD player.


Excellent resource for learning the ground school subjects.

Dionisio A Verified Purchase


July 6, 2021

Just received my package and watched the first DVD and I do have to say its pretty well done. The DVD experience is a bit 90s retro and it does seem like the video was shot in that era, but the graphics, material and overall presentation is well put together and easy to follow along with.

David C
February 7, 2019

Good course content however getting the blue ray disc that contains the instruction videos to play on my desk top computer was bit of a problem. Had to purchase an external DVD player as well as some software. Finally got it all up and running, buyer beware.

Ron S
January 30, 2020


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