Dynon Avionics EFIS-D10A For Experimental Aircraft

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Note: The part numbers available on this page are not the FAA STC Approved D10A's that are coming soon. Part numbers listed here are intended for install in experimental aircraft only.

For STC'd version, please click here

Dynon's EFIS-D10A is the most popular Electronic Flight Information System on the market today. This instrument fits into a standard 3-1/8" panel hole, making it an ideal candidate for replacing vacuum and electric attitude indicators.

This innovative design consolidates all your flight instruments into a sunlight-readable, 4 diagonal, color LCD. Key safety features include Dynon's optional Angle-of Attack/ Pitot design that alerts pilots of potential stall conditions and an optional Li-ion backup battery which will keep the instrument running for 2 hours in the event of a power bus failure.

  • Attitude Indicator
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Gyro-Stabilized
  • Turn Coordinator /Ball
  • Compass HeadingTurn Rate
  • Clock/Timer
  • G-MeterVoltmeter
  • Angle-of-Attack(w/ optional Dynon AOA pitot)
  • HSI
  • Serial altitude encoder output to your transponder

Includes 15 solid-state sensors all inside the instrument housing eliminating any complicated installation problems. If desired, an optional external compass /magnetometer and outside air temperature probe may be added to your system.
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magnetometer is not real good. needs the remote magnetometer. otherwise, very happy with it

Mark L
March 19, 2019


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Q: Is the Dynon D10A certified?

No, the D10A is not certified (TSO'D) and is not recommended for installation in certified aircraft.

Q: How many amps used for the Dynon D10A?

On our document tab is the D10A manual. On page 7 they state the amps used and circuit breaker needed.

Q: How can you install the D10A on an aircraft without it being certified?

The Dynon D10A can only be installed in experimental aircraft. It is not recommended to be installed in certified aircraft (e.g. Cessna, Piper, etc)

Q: Can the HSI be used for instrument approaches as a primary instrument when linked to an approved WAAS GPS?

The D10A is not an IFR approved HSI. You will need a certified navigator such as the GTN 650 part number 11-09702.

Q: Is the Dynon D10A currently certified? Can I use it as an primary instrument?

No, the D10A is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: When paired with a GTN 625 can the HSI function be used to provide glide slope and centerline for lpv approaches in IFR?

Yes, you will also need the Dynon HS34 to translate the data. This is only approved for experimental aircraft.

Q: Does the Dynon D10A need its own Pitot/Static line inputs when paired with a Skyview 10 and primary ADHRS with an extra magnetometer?

As a back up EFIS, the D10A requires its own pitot/static input to operate.

Q: Does D10A show ground speed on main screen?

Yes, when configured the display will show ground speed.

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