Wing Strut Adjustment Fork

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Part# 05-06100
MFR Model# M-271-000


FAA/PMA'd. J-5 & PA-12, 14, 18, 20 & 22. Replacement for 4481-02. Includes bolt, nut, cotter pin & jam nut. 3/8" bolt hole, 7/16" x 20 thread NF3.

Conforms to AD. 81-25-05. The heavy-duty, high tensile strength strut fork has rolled threads, an improved alloy for added strength, and a permanent identification mark to provide assurance of conformity for ease in field installation. Forks require a five year inspection per A.D. 93-10-06.
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Sorry thread size and rolled forks are noted in description. I could not see the description while writing the review. The rest still applies

Skyhaven A
April 4, 2018

There never was a 5 year inspection in AD93-10-06 for the wing strut forks. That AD has also been superseded. The current AD is 2015-08-04 which requires the strut forks to be magnaflux inspected every 500 hours and replaced at 2000 hours time in service. Replace at 1000 hours time in service if on floats. There are no calendar inspection requirements for the forks in either AD only the unsealed wing struts. Some of the sealed wing struts use a different fork with larger threads which does not have the inspection requirements of this fork. If these are the smaller thread that should be noted with the thread size. The description should specify that the forks have rolled threads which is part of the AD to be approved.

Skyhaven A
April 4, 2018


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Q: Could you measure the diameter of the fork? I think it should be 5/8?

You were not very specific as to what part of the fork you want dimensions on, but this should be more than enough:

  • Total length: 4-3/32"
  • Center hole to end of threads: 3-5/8"
  • Hole diameter: 3/8"
  • Width across fork: 5/8"
  • Fork opening: 1/4"
  • Thread length: 2-1/8"

Q: Would like to know what is the thread diameter?

7/16-20 thread.

Q: Which is the steel used in this part?

They are made from 4130 steel that is heat treated, magnafluxed and cad plated.

Q: What are the bolt part numbers this comes with?

It is 3/8 diameter the grip length is 5/8 and total length 1. (from the bottom of the head.) It is drilled.

Q: Do these wing strut adjustment forks have the Piper stamp?

They are stamped M-271 and they come with a PMA tag.

Q: Does this part have Piper stamped?

They are stamped M-271 and they come with a PMA tag. They do not have Piper stamped on them.

Q: Is it Piper Stamped?

They are stamped M-271 and they come with a PMA tag. They do not have Piper stamped on them.

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