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Part# 05-01623
MFR Model# 115-100


Cessna aileron gap kit consists of gap seals on the lower and upper aileron gaps that is an extension of the lower and upper wing skin from the rear spar to the leading edge of the aileron. The seals eliminate a high drag area plus reduce the amount of air leaking from the high pressure underside of the wing to the low pressure top side of the wing. The reduction in air leakage allows the wing to fly at a lower angle of attack for the same amount of lift, thus reducing drag. This aileron gap-speed kit is FAA STC’d and manufactured under a FAA PMA authority.

Also available is a hardware kit containing enough rivets to install the aileron gap kit.
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Cessna Models
Aileron Gap Kit No.
Hardware Kit
150, A150, 152, A152, 170B,
172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 205
210 through 210C


I had the aileron gap seal kit installed on my 182P last week. After 2-1/4 hours of testing it (over 2 days) I can say I am very happy I had the aileron gap seals installed. The claims Ive seen advertised are 50 FPM better climb, 1 knot faster cruise, slightly slower stall speed, and significantly better aileron control at slow speeds. I was able to confirm at least some of these claims, and not able to refute any of them. The first 45 minutes of test flying it was in the pattern. I definitely noticed better aileron effectiveness on approach. With a 10-knot quartering crosswind, it felt easier to handle crosswinds than before. The next day of testing (today) I spent a lot of time doing slow flight and stalls with 20 degrees flaps. I did notice a small improvement, and I think my airplane now stalls about 1 knot slower than before. While doing slow flight I again noticed the ailerons working better than before. Stalls characteristics were unchanged. It should probably be noted that with the Peterson STOL canard, my stall speed was already very low. Someone with a stock 182 might see a greater reduction in stall speed than I did. Regarding the 50 FPM climb claim, I really cant say for certain this is true, but its certainly possible that it climbs a little better now. In my airplane that would be like a 4% improvement, so kinda hard to notice. It might have gained a knot of cruise speed, but that is also kinda hard to know for sure without extensive testing both before and after install. All in all, I really like this mod. Its not a miracle cure or anything, but I definitely notice the difference. I think it adds a degree of safety. My airplane feels more forgiving and even more fun to fly than it was before. I would recommend this mod to most anyone. I debated about giving it 4 stars because I had 2 of the parts showed up 1/2 too short, which made them miss a rivet. Customer service was very nice. Unfortunately it took 2 weeks to get the replacement, but once I finally got it, everything worked great. Probably I would have done 4-1/2 stars had that been an option.

March 17, 2018


Q: Regarding CESSNA AILERON GAP - SPEED KIT: Is there a left and right side part or just order two kits to cover each wing?

This kit will cover both ailerons.

Q: What kind of material is it? How are they installed? Will they fit a 1972 C-150L

The seals are made from .032 sheet 2024-T3 alclad aluminum and they are riveted to the wings upper and lower surfaces ahead of the ailerons. The 150l is covered under the stc.

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